Finding Storage and Support For Your Killer Application

Finding Storage and Support For Your Killer ApplicationNo software developer likes limitations, so finding the right cloud host provider that facilitates “out of the box” solutions is necessary for killer, innovative apps. Even if the developer is a coding whiz kid, there is always that time when a little help from other developers is needed.

If you choose the right host provider, the host will have developer support for any language. Microsoft .NET and PHP are common, but what if you want to build the next mobile phone app? The developer needs to know Java for Android and Objective C for Apple products. The best cloud host has a variety of developer skills, so any language can be supported.

Resources for Developers

It’s not enough just to offer phone support from other developers. The cloud host should have resources specific to training developers for app creation, maintenance and deployment. Resources include object versioning, bulk upload and extracting, temporary URL creations and static websites for faster performance. All of these resources help developers store, create and test applications for the cloud. Given more resources, developers are able to be more innovative, and any quality assurance (QA) teams can test more vigorously to ensure fewer bugs after mobile deployment.

Storage Space and Backups

Part of the versioning process includes the need for large backups and storage capacities. After deployment, it’s possible that the business will need to roll back changes. This means that the app reverts back to an older version, and the backup is used to replace the current version’s files. Although this isn’t the best option, it’s sometimes necessary to mitigate data damages.

To create a versioning process, the cloud host must offer some kind of backup procedure. If the host offers a versioning system, that’s even better. Regardless, the host must offer some kind of storage, backup and retrieval system that offers quick roll-backs. A system in place for rolling back new code makes it much more convenient for the developer, and the versioning system specifies which files need to be rolled back.

 Training for New Languages

Web and desktop developers need training to keep up-to-date with the latest programming standards and language changes. Training developers provides more value to the business, and it leads to more creative application development in the long-run. Reputable, large cloud hosting companies have seminars, videos and training benefits for customers. This is especially useful for new developers who are unfamiliar with software development kits (SDKs).

Moving to the mobile arena? If the company doesn’t already have a mobile apps developer, training is necessary for a current developer to create the next mobile app. Some hosting companies offer training support for Android and Apple development to get programmers up to speed on the latest mobile app frameworks.

These are just a few of the advantages of working with a reputable, large cloud host. The host not only offers the basic hosting and support packages, but support for app developers is crucial for a bug-free deployment.

Jennifer Marsh is a software developer, programmer and technology writer and occasionally blogs for open cloud company Rackspace Hosting.