The Impact Women Have On Customers in the Business World

Below the top stories of glass ceilings and sacrifices made for advancement, there are concerns of the international changing needs of leadership, different opinions on how to exercise it, and the impact women have in the world of commerce and business.

Change in Leadership

Women naturally possess leadership skills that give them an edge in the commerce world. Women are skilled at being naturally confident in their own skills without boasting, which is something men normally do. Women are naturally customer service-oriented as well. There is a great difference between male and female management styles. Diverse workplaces help make businesses better. Ladies are surreptitious in their authority, whereas men telegraph their power, even when they do not have any. Women have modest goals, meaning they fail or sit on the fences less often. Women are able to observe various reactions of people they interact with, namely, customers. They will stay and explain things and build a relationship with customers at the same time. They more easily empathize with people, because they can more readily read people. Women seek to make the customer feel comfortable with the situation. They have an edge since they are more willing to collaborate. Collaboration and nurturing are two traits that successful people possess, practice, and put into action.

Women of Change

Anne Mariucci is a private equity investor and she serves on the board of several companies, including the Arizona Board of Regents. When she started her career, there were no women to look up to in the industry. Aggressiveness and toughness were compulsory leadership styles and were rewarded. As a woman, she had to work harder than her male colleagues in order to fit. This made her a successful trailblazer. She was the only female corporate executive, and she was up to the task. She knows the details of customer service, which have enabled her to rise to her current status. Today, women have a chance to lead as they wish, some are naturally aggressive but some of them are not. They are demanding, tough, and in the long run, performing like the COO of Facebook, Sheryl Sandberg. Everyone who works with her says she knows how to get the job done and is a great person to work with.

Business Education

When it comes to running a business, formal education can be helpful, but is not absolutely required. MBA courses equip women with knowledge and skills that make them stand out in the business world. Some women find that learning the needed skills to take care of customers in a formal way helps when it comes down to applying those skills. Most of the time, tests are required to get into an MBA program, like the GMAT.  However, some online MBA programs without GMAT testing are also available. Leadership MBA programs include course titles such as strategic corporate leadership, talent identification and management, human capital, knowledge-based decision making, etc.

Women Improve Business Technology, a top-notch website and software program that offer creators, investors, and small businesses with essential tools to recognize, secure and manage their intellectual property. This helps them take better care of their customers, day in and day out. is famous for its innovative technology, such as the IP Vault, which enables clients to store inventions and time-stamp ideas. Mary Juetten is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of this business. She worked for the Columbia College System where she was the youngest vice president. She helped to save the biggest college from dissolution.

Change in Entrepreneurship

According to the State of Women-Owned Business Report, Arizona is among the fastest-growing and most prosperous states for women-owned businesses. In 2012, approximately 8.3 million women-owned businesses located in the United States were generating an estimated $1.3 trillion in revenue and employed nearly 7.7 million people. What that comes down to is a lot of customers receiving great service. Arizona was among the top five states in which the number, profits, and employment of women-owned have increased significantly between 1997 and 2012.

Women are making a difference in the business world. They have unique talents, which they employ in the business world, and they lead organizations to greater heights.