Do You Really Need An Anti-Virus?

Whether you have the latest Windows or not, you will still need antivirus protection.   Many people are under this notion that they have the newest technology and software at their disposal so they can and will not be targeted by viruses. The fact remains that even Mac computers gets viruses. It is true.  Ignorance is not a good enough reason for people to not have an antivirus installed. In this articles we aim to understand all that there is about anti-virus programs.

Do You Really Need An Anti-Virus?

What All Will Your Anti-Virus Protect You Against?

If you don’t know by now then you ought to know that anti-viruses work well against viruses and many other types of malware. You have bots, keyloggers and worms which also can infiltrate into your computer system and steal your precious information.

The hackers of today are smart. So smart, that they can manage to gain access to passwords by phishing and so many other hi-tech techniques without you even knowing about it. Imagine a situation where you don’t have control over your accounts, not just your Facebook ones but even your bank accounts. All of these avoidable situation could have easily been kept at bay had you opted to install an anti-virus on your system. About 40% of people owing laptops choose not to install an antivirus-programme-test. Some think it is too much of a task to find one. Not many know that they could download it off the internet. If that wasn’t all you could get it for free on the web. You just have to search for it. Most people can’t even do that.

Some people are under the notion that don’t work. Actually no anti-virus can guarantee 100% protection. If they claim so the company is lying but the necessity of having an anti-virus is often undermined by such foolish thoughts.

I Browse Safely. Do I need One?

Now that is where the problem lies- our attitude. We as humans think we do everything right but we don’t. The same goes for installation of an antivirus-programme-test. Even if you do make an effort to browse with caution and don’t watch online porn, you still are at the risk of a virus attack. Shocking, isn’t it?

The habit of living in a bubble has to stop. Cyber-crime is a very real threat and it is quite closer to what you presume it to be. People often think that they won’t get attacked by a virus or why would a hacker go after them. Honestly, only God can tell you about those odds but it is a fact that about 1 in every 3 people loose data because of virus. Some viruses act over time while other can seep through your system and help give a 3rd part access to important data. Some 3rd parties have become so good that they can run your computer in override.  This is exactly why you need the protection of an antivirus-programme-test.

How do I know that the Anti-virus I choose is the One for me?

If the shoe fits, wear it. If you anti-virus doesn’t affect your computer system, keep it. It is that simple and there is nothing to it. An antivirus-programme-test can be easily uninstalled if they trouble you. Yes, some anti-viruses can be a pain. The have pop-ups and update messages which can bug you a lot. So ,do a simple web search to know more about the antivirus-programme-test you have chosen and see if you like what you see. Remember, if your anti-virus is allowing the system down, you should change it. If you still are facing a problem, you should contact the anti-virus company and seek help. Most of these companies shave a 24*7 helpline ready to take your questions even at the oddest of hours so feel free to give them a call or shoot an e-mail to have any doubts or issues resolved.

A computer is naked without an antivirus-programme-test. It is constantly being exposed to Trojan horses and viruses which are why it needs protection which it should get form a round the clock monitoring antivirus. If you avoid putting an -virus you are risking your own data and the loss at the end of the day shall be yours alone. No system can run without an antivirus-programme-test. It doesn’t matter if you use the latest PCs, you still need and must have an anti-virus to protect your system.

Author Bio

Samuel Jackson is an American author and content writer. He has written articles on antivirus-programme-test for the past 5 years and is very knowledgeable on the subject.