Custom Made Cables For Any Purpose

There are many different types of cables that are used for a multitude of different purposes, and each one of them is just as important as the last. A great provider of cables will be able to create and assemble various products such as lanyards, unidrum levers, auto shift cables, remote valve controls, pull only throttles, pull only clutches, pull only brakes, twist locking cables, non-locking cables, micro-adjust cables, vernier cables, and push-pull standard cables. All of these cables need to be designed, manufactured, and assembled with the highest degree of care due to the fact that, in many cases, these cables can mean the difference between life and death. Whatever your need, you should always consider getting custom cables made for any tool, machine, or another piece of equipment that you need to function at the highest possible standards.

Auto Shift Cables

A great custom cable manufacturer will be able to supply you with the auto shift cables that you need. These cables are extremely important for being able to shift gears in your automobile, and without them your automobile will be rendered useless. If you don’t have adequate auto shift cables that are strong and reliable, you may encounter problems while trying to shift gears, and if this happens while driving the consequences could be fatal.

Unidrum Levers

Unidrum levers are another very important type of cable and lever application that is vital to the control of things like industrial vehicles. Being able to effectively manipulate the throttle on an industrial vehicle is vital to being able to engage in construction and transportation. The right unidrum lever can make any industrial machine far easier to control, and having a reliable one is very important.


Lanyards have many different applications, from holding keys on your belt loops to keeping the brakes on your bicycle functioning properly. Having the right lanyard is crucial to the function of many different tools and processes, and having the wrong one can cost you a lot of money and create safety risks.

Hand and Foot Controls

There are many different tools and machines that require either foot or hand controls, as well as sometimes both of them combined. This includes heavy machinery such as a bulldozer, a forklift, or any other kind of industrial machine. Having the best custom made cables for these tools means being able to operate them with greater ease and greater efficiency.

General Controls

A good custom made cable is also vital to the function of general controls such as air-assisted clutches and manual transmission systems. Everybody knows that manual transmission systems are far better than the alternative of automatic gear shift systems, but that is really only the case if you have the right cables within the system. Having the wrong cables or having ones that are not up to the task may cause your automobile great damage, and ultimately it can be very dangerous for you as well.