3 Reasons To Have Your Boiler Serviced

Your boiler provides heat and comfort to your entire house. When the temperature starts dropping each year, you start to rely more and more on your boiler to keep you and your family comfortable. Chances are, you’ve run into some problems with your boiler when you turned it back on after a long summer. But even if you’ve been running your boiler for a while and everything seems fine, you might want to have it serviced. Many problems with boilers can be silent and harmful to yourself or your bank account. Here are a few of the reasons you should have your boiler serviced:

1. Harmful Fumes

Your boiler burns fuel and releases fumes in the form of exhaust. These fumes often consist of carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide, both of which can be very dangerous. Carbon dioxide is consumed by plants and turned back into oxygen. Carbon monoxide, however, is much more dangerous. It can lead to sickness and death for you or your family members. It is odourless, colourless and tasteless. You will oftentimes not even notice its effects taking hold. A boiler service professional can inspect your system to make sure that it is not leaking carbon monoxide or some other fumes.

2. Power Bill

Running your boiler throughout the winter often leads to a rise in your power bill. You have to pay more to keep your house comfortable. That could be unavoidable; however, it could also be a result of a poorly operating boiler. When your boiler is not running at its optimal capacity, it tends to waste fuel that should be converted into heat. That inefficiency leads to higher costs. If you call a professional to inspect your boiler, he or she can judge how much energy is being lost through mechanical inefficiency. Hopefully that person can then repair whatever is causing the inefficiency. In some extreme cases, you’ll need to have your boiler replaced. For boiler replacement in Edinburgh, contact www.blackhallplumbing.co.uk. They provide quality service to many people all around Edinburgh.

3. Output

Similar to power bill concerns, this concerns how well your system is functioning. As discussed earlier, an inefficient system can end up costing you a lot more money than it should have to. It could also affect how well your boiler is operating at all. In addition to the monetary costs, you’ll see your boiler running for longer to try and bring your house to a comfortable temperature. If you’re lucky, it will work eventually. For some people, the boiler becomes so inefficient that you can’t even heat the house properly. That’s when a boiler inconvenience becomes a boiler emergency.

As temperatures drop, you can’t afford to take your chances with an inefficient boiler. A dirty or mechanically suspect boiler is dangerous in terms of exposing you and your family to noxious fumes. Many of those fumes are completely undetectable under normal circumstances. Inefficient boilers are also more expensive and less useful. You’ll end up paying more and getting less, and that doesn’t make a lot of sense.