Chewelah Painting Services

Chewelah Painting is a full-service painting company that operates in Chewelah, Washington and surrounding areas. The owner believes in providing quality services that shows in their use of premium paint for their services. They offer a wide variety of services depending of the needs of their client. They even offer a 2-year warranty for their paint services. Listed below are the services that the painting company offer.

Residential Painting

Chewelah Painting provides interior painting services for your home. Whether involving a particular room or renovating the whole house, they are able to assist you with achieving the desired look. Aside from the usual painting services, other services that they offer include kitchen cabinet refinishing, popcorn ceiling removal, wallpaper removal, smoke and water damage repair, and drywall patches and repair.

Commercial and Industrial Painting

An external commercial paint job has two purposes: to create aesthetics to the place of business and provide a protective finish to avoid damage to the property. The interior of the business place must be protected of the increase human traffic so the use of a durable paint product is essential.

In choosing paint products, the use of ‘green paint’ is seen to protect the health of the employees and promote a healthy environment. There are environmentally friendly paints that the clients can choose from. Some of the services that they offer under this category are: remote location painting, finishes for concrete surfaces, fish hatchery painting, safety painting and school district painting.

Staining and Refinishing

Furniture pieces and cabinet doors are given a new life because of their refinishing services. This type of paint job is an immediate, inexpensive upgrade to any space in the house. Chewelah Painting also offers customized pre-finishing services in their climate controlled facility. Pre-finishing services include removal of scuff marks, dents or any problem spots. This type of service is recommended for customers who does not have the right tools or workspace to finish and stain windows, doors, siding and panels. Other pre-finishing services that they offer are: woodwork pre-sanding, staining and sealing, top-coat and crown & moulding.

Chewelah Painting is a leader in the painting industry. The painters that they employ have all the experience and certifications required to provide an excellent job. They ensure an excellent job from the preparation phase to the clean-up after the work is done. The warranty that they offer for their services is an excellent follow-up to their already wonderful service to ensure customer satisfaction. Visit their website or give them a call to Learn More about their services.