Check Quality Of Bricks during Construction Of Residential Projects

Planning to buy a house is probably the first step an individual takes towards stability and investment. Executing this decision or plan requires a lot of hard work and assistance from some of the best real estate marketers and professionals. When taking help from real estate members, it is important to cross check and verify their work to determine their professional credibility. The focus should be to get in touch with the right team of builders and developers who can help you find your dream home. Thankfully, the best team of real estate marketers will always make sure that the construction materials are of best quality.

Bricks play the most important role as integral construction materials. Therefore, it is important to check the quality of bricks and we will guide you to inspect their quality.

  • Measure the Size and Edge of Bricks – Bricks used for construction needs to be of the same size. Size plays an important role to bring in uniformity in the construction. A building will have a strong foundation only when the bricks used are standing strong without any unevenness which tends to disrupt the balance and affects the foundation of the building.
  • Inspect for Cracks – Bricks inspection is essential, in fact, all construction materials need to be inspected thoroughly. Cracks and folds on the bricks imply that the bricks do not have much strength and can’t contribute much in giving a strong foundation to your building. So, make sure that the bricks go through several rounds of inspection.
  • Determine a Brick’s Hardness and Burnt Intensity – The bricks need to be sturdy and hard. The best way to test that would be by smashing two bricks with one another. If the sound is very loud and continues, then be rest assured that the bricks are of best quality. A dull sound when the bricks smash indicate that the bricks are not hard enough or was not burnt properly.
  • Test the Absorption Rate – Checking the absorption rate of bricks is important and that is because of the erratic monsoons that we face. It is important to know whether the bricks will be able to withstand the heavy monsoon showers. The best way to judge that would be by immersing a brick in water for 24 hours and then to check its weight. Ideally, the weight should not be more than 20% of its original weight. If the weight exceeds the required percentage, then it is easy to conclude that the bricks are not of best quality.
  • Check Edges of Bricks – Have a close eye to check the edges of the bricks because the edges need to be sharp. Blunt edges are never good and badly affect the construction process. So, make sure you inspect the edges of bricks before they are used for construction.

Bricks are responsible for giving a strong foundation for your residential project in Beltola. They are instrumental in giving a strong foundation and support to your residential apartments. When teaming up with real estate professionals, make sure you check the quality of bricks along with them to get the best home for yourself.