A Detailed Overview Of IP PBX Telephone Communication System

With the growing technology, people now-a-days don’t prefer to use the same old means of communication. IP PBX is one such phone system that has become widely popular among majority of offices. There are numerous benefits and advantages of IP PBX and reasons to switch to this telephone system.

It connects all the phones not through lines but over internet protocols. It is an advanced means of communication that lets you make calls via computer network. You should have a proper idea about the entire system to make the best choice.

A Detailed Overview Of IP PBX Telephone Communication System

Types of PBX

  • VoIP Systems: Voice over IP phone system allows you to communicate over data networks. You no longer need to have those complicated phone lines. With the growing technology, people now prefer to have VoIP system instead of the traditional phone systems. VoIP requires proper IT technicians for maintenance and installation, which can be a little costly.
  • Virtual PBX: This type of PBX doesn’t have the server on the business site. It is ideal type of telephone system for small businesses, who share server with bigger companies. These are also known as hosted PBX system.
  • Centrex PBX: Central office exchange phone system is not exactly PBX but has a local telephone company reserve a part of network for its business purpose. The setup can be both virtual and installed on-site. Here, local Phone Company is responsible for the future upgrades and maintenance.

Additional Features

There are some really excellent features that you can add with your PBX to enhance the workflow of your business. These features cost you extra at the time of installation but bring along many benefits to the business. Some of these features are:

  • Voicemail
  • Direct Inward Calling
  • Interactive Voice Response
  • Direct dial
  • Holiday service
  • Auto-attendant
  • Music-on-hold
  • Tracking calls
  • Speed dial
  • Conferencing

Buying a PBX

Though use of IP PBX system has grown largely over past few years, it is necessary to be very careful while making a decision. First you need to check that what type of IP PBX do you want and which one will be good for your business. Then you can contact a reputed dealer nearby.

Before making any deal you need to be sure about their service. Check for company’s reviews and feedbacks given by customers on their websites. It is recommended that you choose the company that also provides technicians for installing the telephone setup, at your workplace. Talk about the hardware you will require and additional features that you want to add to your system.

Your office telephone system is a very essential component of your business. Business communication activity over the phone must be conducted smoothly without any hindrance. If there is any interruption and disturbance in the business calls, it can possibly make you lose a contract.

Be very smart while you choose a phone service. You need to have a proper idea about the whole system and set your budget, accordingly. Knowledge about the product is very necessary, before you buy it. So go get your IP PBX, now.