The problem of obesity is growing at a very rapid pace, where not only men working in the office for long hours but also the women are being affected. Increase in weight is becoming a serious issue where women take it more seriously than men are as they are more concerned about their body shape and looks. There are many ways to beat the weight challenges in both cases, excess weight or less weight. One of such is the supplement oxandrolone pills for women, which are great in cutting fatty tissues around the midsection, making the body, have the muscles without bulking up. It is safe and mostly recommended by several dieticians. 


Causes of weight gain in women- Some simply believe that due to some of the hormonal imbalances the body starts gaining weight. In women, it is the estrogen is the one contributing for the fatty tissues. The imbalance between the hormones leads the body to have fatty tissues, making the person gain weight quickly. Other reasons for excessive weight gain can be-

  • Lack of sleep or depression In the quest of weight gain one factor contributing to the most is the insufficient sleep and stress. One must have a tight sleep for eight hours to have a healthy body. Lack of sleep might cause hormonal imbalances which results in either weight gain or loss. Another reason can be stress. Including deep breathing, yoga and nature walks are a good way to have sound sleep without any stress.
  • Overconsumption of calories- Too many intakes of calories can change to the fatty tissues. Maintaining a balance and choosing food that are good in protein and fiber must be included so that the body stays satiated for long hours.
  • Deficiencies It is seen from several researches that women tend to gain weight as they diet. When avoiding several food rich in proteins, vitamins, etc. the body does not get the complete nutrients, where such deficiencies might also be the cause of weight gain.
  • Disease and illness- The prolonged diseases also have an impact on the body tissues as the body starts reacting to some of the medicines where they become a habit of the body. After illness, some can feel a rise in their weight or excess loss depending upon the problem.
  • Pregnancy- Women tends to gain weight during pregnancy, as they have to eat for two. Too many calories while expecting, goes on to the fatty tissues, building deposits of fat difficult to reduce after pregnancy.

There can be other reasons also for weight gain. One must keep a balance in diet and workouts for maintaining weight effectively. Including health supplements for weight gain and even losing can be consumed in the diet. For women in the field of athletics it is very good to take specially the oxandrolone pills for women for making up body muscles maintaining the body weight effectively. Both weight gain and loss is a great problem of concern. But there are ways to cope up easily with such problems and have a beautiful body in great shape.