Cabinet Refinishing: The Ultimate Remodeling Option

Refinishing your cabinets can be an incredibly simple, inexpensive task that’s done in a couple of days to create an entirely new look that renovates your kitchen making it an excellent meeting spot for the whole family.

Cabinet refinishing doesn’t simply cover your longstanding finish. With the modern refinishing system, your cabinets can be stripped down to bare wood by hand. This technique offers over forty stains, glazes, and decorated lacquers, and you’re sure to get the perfect finish you want. Even more, you can add specific handles to give your space a more sophisticated look. All you need are the right tools and an audacious attitude to transform an old kitchen into a spectacular showplace you will love. You’ll have to dedicate some time to redefining your cabinetry into an adorable comfy. Kitchen

Cabinet Refinishing: How it’s done        

The first thing you’ll need to do is to gather all your supplies. Once that’s done, remove the cabinet doors, handles, drawer faces and any other hardware to create enough space. Ensure that you label each by its specific position in the cabinet boxes, so you will know where they fit when it comes to reassembling. Put the hardware in plastic bags, and then place doors up in the work area so you can paint them last. Remember, this doesn’t prevent you from using your kitchen at all. You can always access your cooking area in the evening.

Next, comes the polishing. Thoroughly sanding off the old finish differentiates between a clean, stunning, professional look and a messy look filled with drips or bubbles. Utilize an electric hand sandpaper with a heavier grit for the first sanding. Clean off the dust particles using a damp cloth, and repeat the sanding process once again. This will prepare your cabinets for the comprehensive staining process that involves the application of several layers of polish.

Rubbing the dye or stain into your cabinet permeates the wooden pores and allows for a profound penetration. Remember, the stain will become darker as it dries. The more stain you apply, the darker it will look on the wood. So, you should determine how much you’ll utilize based on your personal needs. You can also purchase blends that combine the polish with polyurethane finishes to protect the wood from external damage. Just be certain to get stains and finishes that are well-matched and work perfectly together. If you aren’t overly fussy about the exact color you want, there are numerous blends accessible to amateurs. You can’t control all the results, but it’s the easiest and most appropriate option.

The Bottom Line

Refinishing is an incredible way to give your kitchen a totally fresh, real-wood look that’s hard to achieve with paint. It’s simple, cheap, and convenient. All it takes is some elbow grease and you will get a whole new spectacular look for your kitchen. Even more, you’ll be able to get your dream design or style within no time. Go for cabinet refinishing and convert your space into a beautiful, serene environment.