How To Use Natural Wood Slabs In Any Home

If you are redecorating a room or simply looking to add a punch of style, you might consider adding an element made from a natural wood slab. With the beauty, durability, and versatility of exotic wood slabs, homeowners find many ways to incorporate them into their homes. Here are some suggestions for how to pull off a live-edge slab in your house.


 If you don’t want to make a wood slab a permanent part of your home, consider furnishing your home with pieces made from natural slabs. You can find many designers who incorporate this element into their furniture and art pieces. Chairs, benches, and stools made from wood slabs can be beautiful accents. For a bolder statement, consider a table made from large wood slabs. The size, texture, and woodgrains on such an enormous piece will be sure to add both a functional and artistic element to any room.

Bar Top

 If you have a large room for entertaining or a basement-turned-recreation room, you might consider installing a bar. If you do, you should think about using exotic wood slabs for the bar top or stools. With just some sealant, because of their durability, wood slabs make excellent bar tops.

Kitchen Counters

 For a high-end look, consider using a wood slab as your kitchen countertop. Not brave enough to do all your countertops?  Try using natural wood as a topper for your island or sidebar. For a different look, if your slab is thin enough, you might use it as your kitchen backsplash. Because of the artistic appearance of slabs, depending on the other elements in your room, you can get a rustic, modern, contemporary, or traditional look.


 If you want to use your natural wood slab for a truly architectural element, consider turning it into floating steps. You can pull this off either with a straight or spiral staircase. Consider installing glass panels or steel railings for a design feature that combines natural and industrial elements.


To showcase the tremendous beauty of exotic wood slabs, consider turning your chunk into an indoor fountain or waterfall. With some sealant, your wood will essentially become waterproof. Then, by carving grooves or adding elements, you can create an interesting waterfall or fountain. Place the piece in an entryway or foyer for a dynamic statement.


Once you fall in love with a beautiful wood slab, you might want to take it with you when you move. If that’s the case, consider commissioning an artist to turn your slab into an elaborate piece of art. For an organic look, ask the artist to use the woodgrain, cracks, and bark of a natural slab as features in the piece. If you want something more modern, consider using clean lines made from dark paint or stainless steel rods. Either way, you will get a beautiful piece that won’t be attached to your home.

For many reasons, homeowners fall in love with beautiful wood slabs. If you want to incorporate one of these into your home, you have many options for doing so. However you choose, though, you will be sure to get a dynamic, gorgeous looking piece.