Buy LOL Accounts From The Smurf Store

SmurfStore at is an active as well as inspired team of professionals who work day and night to fulfill needs of their customers.

What is their aim?

Their goal is to provide league of the legend fans a simple, safe and quick service. The service is aimed at the fans from across the world. The team works hard to make sure that every player enjoys the game for their money.

How They Operate?

The company thoroughly checks all league accounts to make sure that the customers are getting the best product against their money. Sales and discount prices also are available to make the purchases more affordable for customers. The payment methods are diverse. There are around 160 payment methods for customers across the world. The processing is very quick. After the payments are confirmed, it takes around 5 minutes to the system to send you the account details via your email address which you communicated while processing payments. The fast processing and lack of glitches have made buying really a fun.

Popularity Level of the League of Legends

A release was published in November 2011 in which Riot Games stated that League of Legends accumulated 32.5 million players. Out of which 11.5 million played monthly while 4.2 million play on daily basis. In October 2013, Riot said that 12 million played daily while 32 million were monthly active players.  There were 67 million active monthly players. The game got the no 1 title in Korean PC cafes. It continued with its popularity in Korea. Until the middle of 2016 the game was the number in Korea. It was only replaced by Overwatch. But it has not lost the second spot since that happening. Xfire released a report in July 2012 that revealed that League of Legends was the top most played PC game in North America and Europe. The players logged around 1.3 billion hours in the stated regions. It is also getting popular in Philippines. 5 percent of Taiwan’s population played this game.

Why Should you Buy Unranked League of Legends Accounts?

  • You should buy an unranked league of legends account so that you enjoy hand leveled items. The company offers triple no(s) and customers obviously feel the difference. There are no cheats and no bots. Thirdly, there is no other third party who is utilized in the leveling process. The company makes sure that the customers don’t miss any fun of their gaming sessions.
  • If a customer buys level 30 unranked LOL account, he or she receives instant delivery. All the details are sent to the payment email within 5 minutes of the receipt of the payment. That’s why its shopping is quite easier than others. It is also fast.
  • Customers who buy accounts from unranked smurfs, get each item verified. In this way you can easily verify the account to your own email ID. You can change the account password after the verification process. There is an option available for this.