Los-Angeles’ Night Life: 5 Spots For Young Party-Goers

Los Angeles is a sleepless city, but it doesn’t suffer from its insomnia anyway. There are lots of noisy establishments, where you can have fun. At the same time, the variety of Los Angeles’ night clubs is just amazing – you can find there reckless democratic clubs, luxurious places for the pampered public, as well as establishments that will surprise even the most inveterate clubbers. In order to prove this fact, check out 5 greatest nightclubs of Los Angeles for young party-goers…

AV Nightclub

This is a chic Hollywood nightclub, a hot spot and a meeting point of the most glamorous and trendy persons. According to all the best traditions, the whole club is decorated with velvet furnishing of red and blue colors, luxurious chandeliers, and forged patterns on the walls. In short, it looks like a Victorian hall with the corresponding paintings on the walls. The contingent of the disco is presented with fashion designers, young businessmen, celebrities and their 20-28 years old children. All these stylish youngsters hang out at the bar, ordering branded cocktails, and listening to the latest DJ sets. Of course, AV Nightclub is not the cheapest, but also not the most expensive place. The club’s dress code requires stylish shirts or jacket for men and beautiful dresses for women. The best time to visit AV Nightclub is the weekends and Mondays.

Address: 1601 N Cahuenga Blvd, Los Angeles


Nikki’s Venice Beach

This club is a stylish, but not an artsy lounge within the famous Venice Beach area. On weekdays it’s very quiet and cozy there – you can take a cocktail and chat with friends at comfortable tables, but in the weekend it turns into a crowded club where young locals and tourists of all ages have fun, drink and dance. The interior of the bar is simple and modern – it looks like a common beach bar. There are several TVs for sports fans. However Nikki’s cannot be called a sports bar. Cocktails in Nikki are delicious and affordable ($8-10), and beer costs about $4. Besides, there are happy hours when all drinks are twice cheaper. Margarita and a strawberry cocktail are of exceptional taste. The appetizers are great, the portions are huge. So you can divide one serving into several people. In addition, you can have a good lunch there – amazing hamburgers, fish with French fries, pasta, pizza, sandwiches and even steaks are just incredible.

Address: 72 E Market St, Venice

DJ Damon Howard

Largo at the Coronet

Largo at the Coronet is a gum-club, a concert hall and a music scene. The club has existed for more than 25 years. American comedians, parodists and musicians usually appear on its stage. In addition to stand-up shows, there are also regular parties and discos. The bar is located in the nearby Little Room, which is usually filled with guests one hour before the show. The interior of the club is the most traditional: velvet burgundy curtains and green chairs. The contingent of the club includes fans of folk music and indie, artists, office workers and Hollywood insiders of all ages. By the way, the club accepts only cash. There’s no special dress code in Largo at the Coronet. The best parties are held on the days of performances, but Friday evenings are quite good too.

Address: 366 N La Cienega Blvd, Los Angeles

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Hyde Lounge

Hyde Lounge is a small, but usually crowded spot. Celebrities are regular guests of the club. The interior of the club presented with bright pillows, shining fabrics, dark metal beams, marble bar counter and muffled light. Waitresses are dressed in sexy tuxedos. Old-school rap is the most popular music in hyde Lounge. By the way, you can have a great dinner in the club. A small but varied menu offers a variety of snacks, sliced cheese, sandwiches, meat and fruit dishes, and desserts. Speaking of dress code, high heels, tight jeans, shirts are the best clothing for unforgettable party.

Address: 1111 S Figueroa St, Los Angeles

Julia, Sommer

The Abbey

This is the epicenter of the nightclub life of West Hollywood, which attracts men and women of any orientation and age. From the inside, the club looks like a luxurious Spanish villa, and consists of three rooms, four bars and a spacious patio. The coolest atmosphere is on Saturdays, when the participants of the beach festival come there. For those who want to relax spacious sofas are provided. The atmosphere in this amazing chill out spot is what you need: Venetian mirrors, glass chandeliers, stained glass windows, ancient candles and a huge portrait of Elizabeth Taylor on the wall. You can come there in the afternoon for lunch and continue your party even until dawn. According to MTV, this bar is suitable for absolutely everyone who wants to have a little fun. Music in the club is presented with disco, house, and retro styles. The best party is Shirtless Wednesday, when all the visitors and event even the waiters and barista should be half-naked. By the way, the club features very interesting varieties of mojito, so try the Dragon Berry or Torched Cherry.

Address: 692 N Robertson Blvd, West Hollywood

The Abbey

Los Angeles is a perfect relaxing spot for people of all ages, and especially for youngsters. Its diverse night clubs provide the greatest conditions for a memorable party, so if you want to enjoy it, head to any of these establishments. Of course, it’s better to rent a car in order to reach your favorite club. If necessary, under 25 car rental in Los Angeles is also available.

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