Business Software: Top 5

Technology has always played a vital role in the business world, giving those that implement it correctly a massive advantage over their competitors. This is particularly true in an age where technology has increased the speed of business to an unbelievable pace and the ability to respond immediately is necessary for survival.

Business Software: Top 5

As this article points out, mobile technology is revolutionising the way SMEs do business, but what other pieces of software are essential must-haves?

1. Data – Mozy

Data storage, protection and recovery are an absolutely essential part of any business that uses large amounts of data. In today’s business world, this includes virtually every business out there.

Mozy backs up your systems to the internet regularly and safely, so that if anything were to happen to your files and their backups (many back up storage systems are kept in the same building as the primary files, so in the event of a fire, for instance, everything would be lost) you would still have access to the files.

2. Accounting – Sage One

Possibly one of the most popular piece of accounting software available on the market, Sage One accounts is an incredibly simple and easy to use piece of software that all SMEs will find incredibly useful. Money is the foundation on which businesses are built so it’s important you have something like this at your disposal.

3. Blogging – WordPress

For any business looking to maintain a constant presence in the online world, the use of blogs, social media and social networks is absolutely essential. WordPress is the most famous and well-used blogging site of them all and gives SMEs the opportunity to keep in touch with customers, generate interest in new products and reach out to new potential buyers.

The software itself is both simple to use and easy to regularly update, though it is important to ensure the quality of posts is maintained as bloggers are notoriously fickle followers!

4. Instant Messaging – Pidgin

Rather than running numerous different pieces of instant messaging software in order to speak to different clients, everyone in the office and other businesses, SMEs can utilise the multi-protocol software that is Pidgin. The software supports a variety of different instant messenger platforms and reduces the number of programs businesses need installed on their systems.

5. All Purposes – Microsoft Office

Whether you love it or hate it, nearly all businesses will require Microsoft Office at some point. Supplying the business with word processing, spreadsheet and PowerPoint presentation abilities, the Microsoft Office package really is a necessity in most SME environments.

While there are cheaper equivalents, Office can’t really be beaten for ease of use and universal compatibility.