Bunk Beds-Best Gift For Toddlers

To celebrate an occasion you need a perfect gift for your child. It is not at all an easy thing to do and gets more complex when your child is toddle. If you are deciding the best gift for your toddler, why not consider a bunk bed. Bed is an important piece of interior in any room.

You might be thinking that this will be a gift for you instead of your child but in fact, this is helpful for your kid. He will learn to live independently and will thank you for this amazing gift when grew up.

Now is the time for your toddler to say good bye to the cradle and say hello to its brand new bunk world.What can be more exciting than atoddler bunk bed? You should consider a bunk bed with specifications that meet the safety and comfort of your child.

For a cozy nest and development of sharp brain of your child, you must choose a bed with these parameters that may not affect all these necessities. To transform a nursery room into toddler’s room, you must choose a bunk by following the given parameters.

Height of Mattress:

Consider the height of mattress that must ensure you the safety of your child. It should be more than 3 inches above the base so as to minimize the chances of falling apart.


Consider a toddlers bunk bed with guard rail that may guard your child from falling. Guard rails should be around 3.5 inches above the foundation so that it may ensure the safety of your child. The distance between each should be wider enough to prevent the entrapment of head in between. It should not be much wider as allow the free falling of your child.

Lead Free Paint:

Consider a bunk that ensure the health of your child. Consider a bunk with lead free paint because lead proves to be injurious to the health of your child.

Hardwood Bunk Bed:

Bunk bed with metal material may have sharp edges that can harm to your child so consider toddler bunk beds with hard wood so as to prevent the chances of injuries.

Stairs with Stair Case:

To give a classy look to the bunk, prefer a bunk with stair case because your child being toddler cannot climb or get down. There must be stairs with stair case as it will not let him to fall. This addition will make it creative and more fun for your child.

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