Student Accommodation Agency FAQ – Your Questions Answered

Whether or not you’re the type of person who buys into stereotypes, chances are the words ‘student accommodation’ conjure up a less-than attractive mental picture. And it’s not as if it isn’t to some extent justified as well, as throughout the course of recent history it isn’t as if the average student residence has been close to palatial or even particularly pleasant.

However, things have changed quite radically over the last couple of decades or so to such an extent that student accommodation standards these days really cannot be compared with those of generations gone by. Indeed, the average example of student accommodation in St Andrews for example is on entirely higher level than most would probably have expected, so there’s really no need for anyone heading to university as of 2015/2016 to put up with low standards.

Student Accommodation Agency FAQ – Your Questions Answered

Nevertheless, actually finding and securing the best places in the first place often requires the help of a professional student accommodation agency. As a relatively new concept, not everyone is up to speed with what these agencies do and how they work, so what follows is a brief introduction to a few of the most commonly asked questions and their respective answers:

What Do Online Student Accommodation Agencies Actually Do?

In terms of what it is these kinds of agencies do, student accommodation agencies create online databases of student residences and housing options across any given city, region or across the country in general. The idea being one whereby students looking to find the very best accommodation are able to log onto a single, comprehensive online service which essentially does all the hard work on their behalf. Despite being a relatively new concept, these kinds of agencies exist in surprisingly strong numbers already.

How Does It Work?

As for how it works, it’s basically a case of creating an account exactly as you would expect to with any other online service in order to access the various services on offer. Once an account has been setup, members are able to use intelligent search systems to browse through the property databases in order to find their perfect properties in accordance with location, size, amenities and price.  There’s also the option of browsing through the database manually to find the perfect match.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Such Agencies?

The benefits of using these kinds of services come thick and fast, not least in the way in which they are spectacularly easy to use. A simple search is all it takes to return the most ideally suited properties available which can be browsed through 24 hours a day from anywhere with an Internet connection. In addition to this, property owners are increasingly using these kinds of services exclusively in order to advertise and let out their properties. As such, those using online student accommodation agencies more often than not have a vastly larger array of properties available to choose from, which in most cases will have been vetted and verified for quality by the agency. Last but not least, agencies generally play a role in ensuring that all terms and conditions including rents and deposits are fair.

Is It Expensive To Work With A Student Accommodation Agency?

In a word, no. Quite to the contrary in fact as from the student’s perspective at least, working with an online student accommodation agency is in fact 100% free of charge with no costs or fees to worry about whatsoever. Signing up to create an account in the first place is free and so is the use of every other service made available. Well, there are certain online student accommodation agencies which insist on charging their student clients a fee, though suffice to say these are best avoided.

How Can I Be Sure My Chosen Agency Is The Real Deal?

Just as would be the case with any other online service provider, it’s a good idea to carry out one or two checks into the background and reputation of any given student accommodation agency prior to putting your trust in them. The good news is this usually means no more than a quick web search to see what other people have had to say about them

What’s The Catch?

Quite simply, there isn’t one! It might sound too good to be true, but these businesses make their money from the property owners that use their websites and to order a bit of advertising here and there. As such, there are really no charges and no strings attached whatsoever when it comes to the services on offer for students – it’s a deal where there’s absolutely nothing to lose and an extraordinary amount to gain.