Best Place To Buy Macbook Cheap — Finding Hot Deals

There’s no doubt in my mind that the new Apple Macbook is one of the best laptops in the market right now. Upon release, I began to scour the internet for some great cheap Macbook deals.
I’ll first teach you how to spot one yourself. This applies to any thing that you may want to purchase online.
Things to watchout for:
1) Is it in stock?
There are a lot of online dealers out there allowing you to buy the Macbook online but don’t tell you that they don’t have it stocked yet in their inventory, so it will actually take some time for you to order. Watch out for these people.
How can you tell? Always look for an authorized dealer. Authorized dealers usually post the information regarding the number of items left in their inventory. If it is a very reputable online site, then it’s a safe bet that your future Macbook is ready for shipping.
2) Bonus deals
One of the things people don’t know about is that, online dealers usually spice the item up in their online store (if they have a physical one) because they’re encouraging online orders! They have to give you a better deal otherwise they would be losing a sale to a physical store such as your local BestBuy.
If you don’t get Bonus deals out of it, then you may be better off going to the nearest dealer and actually buy your Macbook there.
3) Rebates
Ahhh Macbook cheap deals should have rebates! Mail-in rebates actually decrease the total cost of your Macbook. So instead of paying let’s say $1100, after some time you get your $100 back.
Total cost: $1000…not bad eh?
Again, if there are no rebates… go buy your Macbook somewhere else.
4) Financing Options
A good deal offers a great financing option. Low interest payments per month, 0 payments for a certain period of time, all contribute to the overall Macbook cheap deal. The great thing about financing plans is that you really don’t have to spend a big chunk of your cash at one period of time. The idea here is to spread your costs over a relatively longer period of time.
When you do this, you can be productive with your new Macbook, get some cash going, and actually pay for those small amounts over let’s say 6,12,18 months?
Where to find all these?
Each and every online store will have different features, different bonuses, etc. One factor to consider is buying from a very reputable website.
I consider Macmall to be the best place to buy a Macbook. When I bought my Macbook I was only able to avail of the $50 rebate but now the rebate is already at $100! What a great deal!
Final Words
The Apple Macbook is one of my best purchases yet. No viruses, no hassles, cool eyecandy, fast and reliable performance, all in one! All my pc-using friends have envied my Macbook for a lot of reasons among them of course is the design of the Macbook, simple, classy, and it doesn’t look like all the other laptops out there.
Finally, it’s a joy to bring to work. I can type all day long and not feel any eye-strain, I can be sure that my Macbook won’t crash on me when I have a big project to do and here’s a big plus:
It runs Windows. I can still play games with my friends and switch back to OS X when I want to work! If you’re still thinking twice about buying a Macbook. Don’t. Stop thinking and just buy it. You’ll never regret your purchase.
Super tip:
There’s a super tip you can take advantage of right now, I made a site/guide for free so you can purchase your Macbook with ease.