Best Antivirus Software: Should You Choose A Paid Program Or Free?

Today, we have a lot of choices when it comes to anti-virus programs and all of these programs provide different degrees of protection to your computer. In addition to plenty of choice in software, you can also decide between paid or free antivirus software programs. Let’s discuss the difference between the two and know which one is better.
Difference Between Paid Antivirus Software And Free Antivirus Software
There are four different kinds of anti-virus programs available in the market, including paid, free, suites and premium suites. Free antivirus software provides basic protection and is able to do its basic job well. However, if you are mostly connected to the internet and do a lot of browsing, free antivirus may not provide adequate security. Free antivirus software programs also constantly press users to upgrade to the paid version by popping advertisements on their desktop.
Free anti-virus might not necessarily be the best antivirus software choice as it has its limitations.
Limitations Of Free Antivirus Software

  • Devoid of technical support via both email and phone
  • Doesn’t offer additional features such as firewalls, parental controls and more
  • Not very prompt malware scanning

According to research, the difference between the efficiency of free antivirus software and paid software is 10 percent.
Benefits Of Choosing Paid Antivirus Software
Even though free antivirus software makes a good choice for those who don’t have regular income to pay for their software fee, the benefits of choosing paid software clearly outweigh those of free software.
Paid antivirus software comes free of advertisements. As you pay the fee, you will not see advertisements prompting you to upgrade your software as in the case of free programs. Additionally, with paid software, your system gets 100 percent immunity against all sorts of malware and other suspicious content that many websites are full of today. Another advantage of having a paid antivirus software is that it actively scans your system for any virus or spyware, which assures 24/7 protection to your computer. Active scans also keep your hard drive in perfect shape.
Additionally, you will get access to a very sound technical support staff that will be there to assist you in case of any trouble you face. This support is missing in free software. You also get regular virus definition updates to get up to date virus protection.
Choosing paid antivirus software is the right choice if you want to secure your system and prevent any kind of  malicious content to expose your system to viruses. To find out more about the best antivirus software, visit Paid-for programs are clearly more beneficial than free software but it eventually boils down to the choice of the customer. After weighing out the advantages and disadvantages, along with assessing your needs, you should make the best choice for yourself. However, keep in mind that getting free antivirus software may not allow you to get the best antivirus protection.