Beauty Business: Dozen Of The Most Popular Branded Swimming Costumes For Your Vacation

Do you go to Greece? Oh, you are lucky guy then! Nevertheless, it is very difficult to pick the best beach in the country that boasts the beach line and about 380 beaches. All of them are awarded with the Blue Flag! Just observe the most popular one.

Will you go to Mikonos? The beaches of Mikonos are worth your special attention. The waters are clean and azure. The service is as high as the level of pleasure that you can get. One of the most impressive beaches of Mikonos is Super Paradise. The huge sandy bay with the fresh clean water is waiting for you. You should try yourself in diving. This is your chance to understand what makes the beaches of Mikonos the most beautiful place in Greece.

Perey Beach is another worthy place for everyone who likes comfortable rest. It is situated 17 kilometers far from Thessaloniki. Just hire a car in Thessaloniki and take some time to get to the beach. The beach is covered with sand and the water is crystal clear. The territory is organized with the sunshades and sunbeds. You can find the volley ball field and bars, cafes. The place is interesting to visit at night for the beach party. Anyway, you choose.

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Women’s Beachwear

Every woman has an opportunity to pick her special beachwear among the variety of the swimming suits that can be easily found in the shop. Of course, branded swimming suits take the leading position. Whenever you are, you want to buy the branded swimming costume when you go to the beach vacation. There is nothing better than a bright sweet bikini in a hot day. It is difficult to have a good rest without the impressive beachwear

Looking for a swimming costume of your dream that meets all your requirements, you should choose the best brands for you. These popular brands came from different countries to be the best of the best in the world. Of course not all of them, but they are always in a high demand in the country and far abroad. You can surely say that each of these masterpieces is creatively made to emphasize your style and good taste. It is not difficult to find the best for you. Just look at the full collection!


The Greek company Crool International Group always tries to implement the brightest of your ideas into life. Crool produces swimming suits and beach wear for kids and adults since the year 1946. It is included in the dozen of the best European producers of the beachwear. The collection for adults is represented with two brands: Сrool and Miss Crool. There is also the line of the beach clothes for kids that are called Hippies by Crool. The swimming suits and accessories of the company are unique. They are produced according to the individual prints. You shouldn’t overpay, but give your money for the high quality individual product.

Beach Bunny

Beach Bunny brand is considered to be the best in the world. You can find the stylish and open swimming costumes that are the real masterpieces.

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Agent Provocateur

This is the most scandalous company to produce swimming suits combining different sorts of textiles, interesting designs, creative solutions.


The company is a big bang in the world of the beach fashion. The swimming costumes are made of the drip-dry neoprene to take the leading position in the world of the beach fashion. You look brightly!


The brands from Brazilia speak about the burning passion and temper. The company designer combines exotic topics and slippery appearance.

Victoria’s Secret

Everyone wants to buy the swimming suit from Victoria’s Secret. They are original, ritzy, sensitive and stylish. The brand offers a line of original models for different types of figures and tempers.

Black Milk

The motto of Australian brand Black Milk sounds like Give me nylon or give me death. The company is also popular with its skirts, shirts, pants and beach wear. The swimming suits are mostly made of nylon with the specific prints. What is more, Black Milk boasts the footwear collection all together with Jeffrey Campbell.

Campaign Vira Viccio Beachwear

Mara Hoffman

New York designer Mara Hoffman graduated the Parsons fashion school. You can hear this brand from the point of view of the beachwear and women clothes. Hoffman is inspired with the Caribbean culture to borrow the prints, sewing technics and plaiting from there.

Minimale Animale

Minimale Animale is a beachwear line to represent the brightest ideas of the Los Angeles designer. Cassandra Kellogg is famous as the main stylist of the Wildfox Couture brand. It is all about the women sexuality. The most of the swimming clothes are creatively made of netting.


Pret-a-Surf brand was founded by the Vogue editor. The story is old. The girls were looking for the best swimming suit for them. That was the time when they made the swimming suits line Pret-a-Surf for surfers and Pre-a-Spot for tennis players and snowboarders.

We Are Handsome

We Are Handsome is one of the most popular brands in Australia. This brand was founded in 2009. The products are impregnated with past epochs – 70th, 80th, 90th. The swimming suits are characterized with the picturesque prints with the wild animals, nature, roses and planes on it. The company is also a big specialist in producing swimming suits, dresses, leggings.


Zimmermann brand was created by to sisters Zimmermann in 1991. This is the leading Australian brand to produce beachwear. The brand is also popular with the season cloth collections. Nevertheless, their swimming costumes are characterized with the funny details, tropical prints and beach dresses made of the same fibers. They are especially good for walking along the sea line.

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There are many swimming suits from different brands! The most of them are predicted to give joy and aesthetic pleasure. You can have a good rest and look beautiful. The swimming suit always attracts more attention to your personality and appearance. The list is not full; you have to think what you want to feel by wearing one or another suit.