Barnes And Noble eBook Store: Largest In The World

The shopper’s favorite, Barnes and Noble eReader, managed to gain more popularity points when Barnes and Noble eBook Store was launched in July 2009. Not to forget, it is also the largest eBook store in the world. The company attracted a huge audience on the launch day where it featured more than 700,000 titles and several new releases at a price tag of $9.99. It’s 2011 and so far the store has experienced a phenomenal growth. The only thing that didn’t change is the Barnes and Noble affordability promise, which is why the company is cherished by millions of people globally.
How to buy on B&N eBook Store
Go to the Barnes and Noble website ( and head to the book’s section. Be sure to keep your credit card along as you will have to enter default credit card information. This step is mandatory and your credit card information will be saved for future purchases. Select the books you like and click “buy now”. You can also shop via B&N gift cards, eGift cards and certificates. You have the option to pay via MasterCard, Diners Club, Discover, American Express, Visa and JCB. Your credit card information stays safe as the company uses the latest encryption technology and guarantees information safety. There are also half a million of free books from the Google books public domain. You even get eBook samples. Just download a sample and read. If you like it, purchase the full title later on. You can read the books on various electronic gadgets like: iPad, iPhone/iPod touch, Blackberry, Android and even PC and Mac. All you need is the free Nook application, available on the B&N website.
Things to remember
You cannot buy eBooks when you are outside the US territory. All eBooks and samples you purchased are stored in your online Nook library. You can access it at any time and download your books. You cannot lend your books to a friend as each copy you download will be encrypted with your B&N account information. You can also create your wish list, which stays in your personal account, storing your list of books for future purchase.  EBooks downloaded are not printable. Barnes & Noble has a strict privacy policy for customers and none of their information will ever be shared outside.
If you’re having trouble downloading eBooks or have any questions, you can contact B&N through their online contact form or call customer care through phone 1-800-843-2665. International customers should use the number 201-559-3882.