ACCU WEATHER App for the iPad

The iPhone’s built in weather App never gave many complete and total satisfaction. Some felt like they needed much more information and detail. This is because probably they Iived in places like Michigan where the winters are very harsh. Many felt like they wanted more information such as snow accumulation, and the hourly forecasts. Therefore, some had no choice but to buy themselves the Accu weather for the iphone and since then they may have been totally content with all the information they got. Earlier on, when the iPad was newly introduced into the market, it did not have a built- in weather App this made others opt for cool weather Apps for the iPad. Notably at that time the Accu weather did not have a native iPad version. This therefore made some users opt to get others which seemed to be fine then. The Accu weather Inc then released a native version iPad of which many purchased immediately. The Accu weather was very well redesigned. The Accu Weather has got very attractive graphics and the ability to put in as many locations as one would want including even the current location simply to keep track of the weather. For many being able to know all about the weather is very vital to them and this brings out the importance of weather apps. The choice of which weather app to use usually rests on the user but definitely most would prefer an app that provides them with all the information they need at all times.

Different ways of looking at the weather

The Accu Weather app is really nice exciting and fun to use. For instance, just by dragging your finger you can view the next screen for your selected location as an interactive dial that shows you what the weather will be like at any point whatsoever during a 24 hour period. In addition, you can also get the same weather update that’s on the television through videos of your location. The Accu weather app has got a hurricane map that shows all locations of the tropical storms/hurricanes indicating their current level.
The features of the Accu Weather seem to give it a competitive edge over that of other apps that are available in the market.  The graphics are attractively done to make the user feel comfortable when viewing information on this app.
It is vital to remember the the Accu Weather app is not the only weather app available but it has proven to function at a higher level than many making it an ideal choice when selecting from a wide range of weather apps available in the ever increasing apps market.