A New Tablet: The “BlackPad"

From the Amazon Kindle-Nook-after-the tablet Barnes & Noble, and through the present and impressive iPad, RIM BlackBerry ® launching next week launches its Tablet BlackPad. As for the main features of BlackPad have all the big features for wireless connections through ports WI-FI and Bluetooth, a brand new 9.7-inch screen, similar to a netbook, among other benefits like the iPad. One of the great advantages of incorporating BlackPad is all his own BlackBerry functionality. Also, have a new operating system developed by a firm recently acquired by Research In Motion-QNX Software System.
It is clear that the start of the “era of the tablets” is closing with a flourish the first decade of this century. RIM has the advantage of being the leading vendor of Smartphone in the world and enter a competition with iPad tablet can be a tremendous challenge. It is too early to draw conclusions as to whether the same will happen with the BlackBerry, as Apple iPad is a very strong brand and has been too successful. While it is true that RIM will get great benefits to your market and have earned the reputation throughout the world, it is also true that success is uncertain. The price is definitely BlackPad to compete, that is, you can have it for $ 499. The big disadvantage is that there are so many applications for BlackPad to iPad, which were inherited from the iPhone. In short, BlackPad expectations are very good and see that such a launch next week.