9 Things Homebuyers Expect to See When They Come Look at Your House

People create a long list of wants and needs when buying a home. However, there are certain things that make a home stand out above the rest. These items demonstrate class, luxury, and taste. Your real estate agent can take a look around your house to help you find areas to focus on. Here are nine things homebuyers expect to see when they come look at your house.

Attractive Front Yard and Front Porch

Think about what people see first when they visit your property. They see the front of your home and yard before they see anything else. Agents recommend improving the looks of these areas to leave a positive first impression with those who drive by your home or come to view it. You can do this by tidying up these areas, deep cleaning them, and focusing on making them look more appealing.

Updated Foyer

The next thing buyers see when viewing your home is the foyer. The foyer is the entryway of your house. This area is the first thing they encounter when entering your home. What they see will affect how they feel about the property, so you should work on updating this area. Agents often recommend repainting entryways and finding ways to brighten them up.

Energy Efficient Appliances

No one understands how large utility bills can get until they own a home. People want to keep those bills down with energy efficient appliances. Appliances include things like the washer, the dishwasher, the fridge, the water heater, and the HVAC system. Homebuyers will often look for the EnergyStar symbol on these products that guarantees a certain level of quality. 

Other ways to improve efficiency include installing a new roof and efficient windows and doors, using LED light bulbs, and adding an automatic thermostat.

Storage Solutions

Most of us have way more stuff than we realize. However, we don’t use it everyday. A lot of it is likely piled up in the closet. When you run out of space in the closet, what do you do? To prevent running out of space, many buyers look for large walk-in closets with a lot of space. It will help the buyer stay organized and store clothing and linens properly. Many people only look at the master closet, but you need to make sure each closet is adequate—not just the master. If you’re doing renovations in your home before selling, look for ways to add more storage areas around the house.

Safety Features

The world can be a scary place, and people take the safety of their home and the people in it quite seriously. Be sure to highlight all safety features in your home to any potential buyers. Buyers will likely be most interested in things like window locks, security systems, outdoor lighting, fire safety features, and a locking gate in the fence around your property.

Comfortable Backyard

Many people picture buying a home that gives them the opportunity to grill outside and spend time with the family. A large, convenient backyard can be a huge selling point to many people. They won’t only want a spacious backyard, but it needs to look great, too. Get landscaping done before having people come to look at the home. Adding a comfortable deck can also boost your home’s value.

Tidy Furniture and No Clutter

If the agent feels that you have too much stuff in your house, they may recommend removing some of it, decluttering the space, and rearranging the furniture. These small changes can make a home look much more beautiful to anyone who views it.

Depersonalized House

You might not know what depersonalizing is or why it is essential, but your agent knows this and can explain it. Depersonalizing is the act of removing personal items from a home. By doing this, you help eliminate the attachment you have to the house. The result is that buyers will have an easier time visualizing living in the home.

Recent Repairs

Finally, if the agent notices broken things in your home, they will advise you to fix them or remove them. While major renovations may be outside your budget, fixing small issues can help you sell your home faster. When potential buyers see that there are fewer issues they’ll need to deal with on their own, they’ll be more interested in your house. If there are major repairs they want you to take care of, they may be willing to negotiate for a higher price to cover the cost of the repair.

When you’re preparing your home for sale, your real estate agent will be a valuable resource. They can take a look around your house and tell you which features should be changed or added to draw in lots of interested buyers. Because they have experience in the market, they know what features are most desirable. Look for an agent, like those at the Olivia Cooley Group, who can help you show off your house to its best potential.

Everyone wants a house with some luxury features, so do your best to make things look as nice as possible. Talk to your real estate agent to go over what other items you might want to keep an eye out for. When you ask a real estate agent to come to your home because you want to sell it, you should not be surprised or respond defensively when they make suggestions to you. The recommendations the agent makes will help you sell your house faster, and you should take these ideas seriously. Agents know what buyers look for and want in homes. So, when your agent offers tips and advice, you should consider following through with these things. Here are some improvements your agent might recommend to you.