4 Simple Swaps To Make Your Wedding More Affordable

Weddings are getting more and more expensive every year, particularly post-pandemic. The average wedding in the UK is around £24,000 and $28,000 in the US, which is about the same or if not more than a deposit for a house! Whilst people want to enjoy their day and celebrate with their loved ones, it doesn’t have to cost a fortune, so we are here to show you a few simple swaps to make your wedding more affordable. 

Marry Out of Season or On A Weekday

The easiest way to have the wedding you have always dreamed of for much cheaper is to marry out of season or on a weekday. If you choose to get married on a Tuesday or Wednesday instead of a Saturday, or during the Spring or Winter instead of Summer, you can save thousands and thousands of pounds. 

You will also get much more choice at shorter notice during the week or during months outside of wedding season, compared to wedding venues that get booked up 3 years in advance for Summer weddings. Another benefit is that you are much less likely to clash with another wedding on a weekday, so you could have the entire venue to yourselves, enjoying the day in private. 

You could have your dream venue for so much cheaper, as demand is lower during the week. Monday’s are the cheapest, but Wednesdays might be more convenient for guests getting time off work. Transport will also be cheaper during the week, making it cheaper for you and your guests

The main tip with planning a weekday wedding is to speak to those closest to you to make sure they can get the time off, for example, teachers. You could choose a half-term week to get around the issue, but double-checking with your very closest friends and family first is advised. 

Avoid A Sit Down Wedding Breakfast

Traditionally, a wedding breakfast would consist of a sit-down, three-course meal. However, these are ridiculously expensive, as so many more staff are needed and more skill is taken to prepare each individual plate. So, an equally delicious and less expensive option is to opt for more of a wedding buffet-style meal. 

You can choose so many different options, as opposed to the typical three choices. Everyone will find something that they enjoy and you will keep everyone happy. Additionally, less food will go to waste, as people can keep coming back for more if they’re hungry or eat less if they aren’t. With a buffet, you could have different themed stations to help people choose what they’d like. You could have a BBQ section, a charcuterie section, salad section, Italian section and so on, whatever you like. This way there is plenty of variety and everyone won’t have to wait to cue for all the food on one table. 

Additionally, with a traditional wedding breakfast, by the time the last table is receiving their food, often the first table has finished their course. With a buffet, people can come up to the table when they feel ready and no one will have to wait around for ages, especially if you opt for the different themed sections mentioned above. Finally, people tend to feel much more relaxed when it comes to a buffet, so it is perfect for more informal weddings. You can have unique seating, such as benches, so everyone has somewhere to sit without being forced to sit with particular people. 

There are so many benefits to having a buffet and they are also significantly cheaper than a sit-down meal, so it is definitely something to consider to cut a few costs. 

Choose Vintage Jewellery

Another way to make your wedding more affordable without needing to compromise on quality is to choose vintage wedding jewellery. Vintage jewellery is far more affordable than modern equivalents and you can still have the same quality metals and gemstones, just for much cheaper. 

As vintage jewellery has been owned before, VAT has already been paid on the item once, so any later purchases are actually VAT exempt. This means that you can purchase wedding rings that are equally as beautiful as modern pieces, made with the same standard metal, for 20% cheaper. So, when you are buying either the engagement ring or the wedding bands, make sure to visit your local vintage jeweller and pick up some beautiful pieces. 

Plus, pieces of vintage jewellery often have a beautiful story behind them, they make a real statement and it is a wonderful opportunity to show off your personal sense of style with something unique. 

Keep Your Guest List Small

Finally, don’t be afraid to keep your guest list small. Often people feel forced into inviting people they aren’t that close to just in case they offend someone. You should not have to apologise for anything when it comes to your wedding day and you should feel comfortable around everyone who is there, so keeping your wedding small and intimate might be best for you. Plus, it inevitably saves you a lot of money. 

You get to choose from a wider selection of venues with a smaller guest list, the smaller details like favours can be much more personalised, you will be able to spend much more time with your closest loved ones as opposed to entertaining way more people and you can actually spend time with your partner, which is more difficult at a bigger wedding. Although you don’t owe anyone an explanation, simply say you are having an intimate wedding if anyone asks. 

Final Thoughts

So, there you have it! A few simple swaps that can make your wedding day slightly cheaper, but equally as special. The most important thing to remember is that this is your day, so don’t worry about others opinions and just make it everything you want it to be.