9 Expert Tips To Protect House From Mold

House is the place everyone considers as a place to relax and enjoy the time with family. Considering the very significance of a house, it is necessary to never compromise on its maintenance.

When it comes to maintenance of your house, one the most important things which come to your mind is mold.

Mold damages our house inside and out. However, many people do not know that the damage caused by mold is not covered by the standard homeowner’s insurance policy.

9 Expert Tips To Protect House From Mold

Therefore, you should focus on DIY ways to protect your home from mold and this is where these tips come into play:

  1. Come Up With Protection Plan

Prior to painting your house, it is first important that your paint is filled with mold inhibitors. Similarly, you must use mold-killing products while cleaning the bathroom & kitchen. These are two areas of the major areas that catch extreme moisture and paves way for mold.

  1. Make Sure That About Accumulation of Water

The more you maintain your house, the more you will be able to keep your house away from the invasion of mold. To service this purpose, you need to make sure that there is no water accumulation inside and outside of your house.

Similarly, you need to make sure that the drip pan does not leak the water due to any blockage.

  1. Tackling Spills And Leaks

Do not ignore spills and leaks. Not only do they cause mold but also pose serious hazards to your house. Therefore, you should always make sure that your house is free from any water spills or leaks.

Be very careful while using carpet as wet carpets are the biggest reasons for mold to occur.

  1. Get The Right Tools

Before you start your battle with mold, you need to gear yourself with useful tools that can help you get rid of this issue:

  • Rubber Gloves
  • Vacuum Consisting Of Brush
  • Mop & Sponges
  • Disinfectant Chlorine Bleach
  1. Dealing With Mildewed Wooden Furniture

Make sure you vacuum wooden furniture that got mildewed. To successfully perform your check, you will need a soft brush that will help you remove spores.

Having done with it, you can throw away the bag or carefully clean the canister outside your home.

  1. Dealing with Humidity

Make sure you keep the humidity below 30-60 percent. There are lots of tools in the market which can enable you to measure humidity in your house.

Excessive humidity appears in the form of condensation on the windows, walls and pipes etc.

  1. Improve The Ventilation And Air Flow

Proper ventilation is another area of concern when it comes to mold. In this regards, you need to particularly take care of your kitchen and make sure that there is proper flow of air in the cooking area.

A high-speed exhaust fan can come to your rescue in this situation that not only reduces the heat but also decreases chances of accumulation of mold.

  1. Apply Mold-Resistant Products

One of the preventive measures to fight mold is to use the mold-resistant products, such as mold-repellers, mold inhibitors, and mold resistant sheetrocks.

With a mold-resistant drywall, the gypsum core gets covered in fiberglass which protects the surface against water damage.

  1. Never Overlook Basement

Always remember that basement is one of the most integral parts of your house and you have to keep it clean as much as you do the other areas of your house.

Keeping your basement unattended increases the chances of breeding of mold. Try to frequently use your basement to make sure that there are no spores of mold.

The aforementioned tips are some of the time-saving ways you can keep your house away from the mold. Always remember that prevention is better than cure.

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