5 Tips To Plan A Golf Destination Wedding In Florida

Destination and theme weddings are enjoying popularity for quite a few years now, and they are here to stay. If you love golf and are soon to tie the knot, why not do it in an upscale golf resort? It would not only be interesting, but will also reflect a bit of your personality. Look for a spot that boasts of a stunning coastline and beautiful white-sand beaches. The Atlantic coast of North Florida can be your ideal destination.  Apart from the stunning coastline of Florida, golf destinations here have their own appeal. Your guests would love the well-manicured fairways and the resort-style golf courses that will fuel their passion for the game. If you are intrigued by the possibility of such a beautiful wedding, our five tips will come handy during the planning phase.

1. Make Your Invitation Cards Memorable

Make your wedding invitations stand out by including golf elements into the wedding theme. There are numerous ways to make your invitation cards look attractive. For example, you can design cards that resemble flags on a golf course. You can also consider sending cards that look like golf balls with names printed in bold green letters. Whether you are planning a conventional ceremony or one with some fun elements, remember to use a lot of green in your invitation cards.

2. Pamper Your Guests with Golf-Themed Favors

Consider giving customized wedding golf balls. You can present them to your guests in attractive holders to show your appreciation for attending the auspicious event. Golfing aficionados will love a golf-themed bottle opener as a wedding favor. Golf-themed balls and tees also make ideal table favors and groomsmen gifts.

3. Plan Golf-Themed Attire

Style your wedding attire around the game. The groom can wear a sports coat complemented by a golf-themed tie. He can even wear a golf cap if it goes with the wedding style.

The bride can still flaunt her white gown, but ideally it would be nice if she sports striking green accents on her dress and her bouquet. An emerald-studded necklace would complete the look.

To add a dramatic twist to the event, the ring-bearer can dress up like a caddy and look complete with a long sleeve shirt, knickers, a sleeveless sweater vest and argyle socks.

4. Make the Food Table Attractive

Couples can decorate the food table with a sculpture resembling a golf cart or golf bag. You can place the food trays on green placemats. Use different shades of green to make the food table take center stage. To add zing to the reception area, consider using white chocolate golf balls to support the wedding cake tiers. Try to make the wedding cake as attractive as possible. Make it look like an expansive Florida golf course with a bridal couple poised to tee off.

5. Plan Some Activities for Your Guests

Plan some fun-filled activities for your guests before or after the event. You can organize bachelor golf outings or reserve a tee time in one of the golf links in Florida. Florida is known for its exciting deep sea fishing adventures. Then, why not plan a fishing trip? The Paradise Coast is great for some fun shopping. Once your wedding celebrations are over, you can arrange for some shopping for the ladies. You can even connect with the guests by scheduling a sunset cruise along the Florida coast.

Florida golf destinations are ideal for couples who are planning to get wed in style. The resort-style courses will give you an opportunity to enjoy a memorable ceremony and treasure the experience forever.