Interior Design Malaysia: Pros & Cons Of Hiring An Interior Designer For Your Renovation Project

Do you have a thought to hire an interior designer for your house? Or you would try to work on all the decoration and design work by yourself? Today, let us look as the pros and cons for hiring and interior designer versus doing it yourself.

As you explore the internet and social media, you may come across to many beautifully design for houses. And you might think it will be easy for you to design one for your living room as well, but when you actually start the project, you might realize, wait, where to buy this pillow and decorative item? The room size of the design might not match with your current living room, or the sofa colors are different with the design color, will you need to buy one just to match the design style? You might ended up few thousand in building TV cabinet or buying new sofas and small decorative items that doesn’t match your living room at all.  Sometime the task is just not really for anyone. Interior design might seems simply to you, but if you really do explore and understanding them, it is a valuable asset, effort and experience that earn by interior designer throughout their past project.

How and what can an Interior Designer do?

Simply said, an interior designer in Malaysia help to plan, design and decorate your house with maximizing space available whilst matching your design taste and preference according to your budget and time available. Beside, actually there are more, they will also need to take care about what activities will the client carry out in the room, how could the client utilize it? For example, some client might need a small space for personal working space, interior designer need to stimulate a space and visualize it as a personal working space in images. They also need to ensure that the final work by contractor match with what they show to client before the projects starts.

Interior Design Malaysia: Pros & Cons Of Hiring An Interior Designer For Your Renovation Project

What will be the Cost?

The charges for every interior designer varies with each other’s, some charges per hour, some charging percentage per projects, some might charge by “markup” the goods that purchase by interior designers. For example, a 10% extra charges of total cost of item purchase by interior design as a reward for their effort to finding out the decorative item.

When dealing with the interior designer, be very specific to what you want and need, especially your budget. Give them precisely what will you pay maximum on the furnishing cost and material cost and ask them to get back to you with their proposal. This could prevent you from paying to some high end sofa which you could get something similar in half of the price.

Does it Worth to Hire an Interior Designer?

This is one of question that you need to figure about. If you would like to living in a clean, relaxing and well-designed environment, it is worth for you to get one for your house. But if you are worrying about getting too high cost for whole house interior design, try with cut done some of the room and design yourself, for example, have your master bedroom design by the interior designer and design accordingly for the rest of your bedroom. Same things go to bathroom and toilet. Apply some minor changes such as photo or flower vase to make the appearance looks a bit different while keeping the room looks good. And of course, make sure your budget could afford the interior design before you hire them, just in case you get a pretty design for you house and you get upset for paying large cost for it.

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