5 Quick Tips To Keep Your House Clean

Keeping your home clean is never as easy as you might expect. Who has time to clean during a busy 40+ hour work week? Let’s face it, you’re no Mary Poppins, so the home isn’t going to come to life and clean itself with the snap of your fingers. The key to keeping a clean home is to spot clean lightly each day to prevent an enormous build-up of clutter and waste on the weekends. Cleaning should take minutes instead of hours. These quick tips will show you how take control of a dirty home.

5 Quick Tips To Keep Your House Clean

The 5-Minute Kitchen Circuit

Disinfectant wipes are your best friend when tending to the sanitary needs of your kitchen. Dirt and debris can spread while cleaning surfaces, so start besides the dirtiest area (likely the stove), and circle back so you finish your circuit in the area that needs the most intensive cleaning. En route to your destination, refill or empty the dishwasher. Don’t forget to wipe down the sink to avoid foul odors. Do you have a problem with smelly sponges? Squeeze them out and microwave them for a minute to disinfect.

Rescue the Vestibule

The bathroom is generally the least enjoyable room in the house to clean. Bathrooms need a frustrating amount of maintenance to keep impeccable, and when they do become dirty, it always seems to happen all at once. The trick is to take preventive measures early on. Use an automobile windshield rain-repellant to help glass surfaces stay clean. Clean a toilet bowl daily in only seconds using a spoonful of Tang drink mix as an acidic cleaner.

Swift Sweeping

You have to sweep every other day. It’s unavoidable, especially if you own pets. Use fine-bristled brooms indoors to pickup small particles and stiff-bristled brooms outside to catch dirt more easily. Taking your shoes off before entering the home is a great way to cut down on floor debris.

5 Quick Tips To Keep Your House Clean

Bedroom Solutions

The bedroom doesn’t have to actually be clean to look clean, it’s one of the great things about bedrooms. There’s two ways to go about cleaning the bedroom quickly. Both methods require you to make the bed — this is the essential ingredient to a clean room and the centerpiece when you or someone else crosses the threshold. The first method involves controlling clutter and spot cleaning before bed. The second method involves shoving everything on the floor into the closet and closing the door. Only kidding, sort of.

Breathe Clean

Even if your home looks clean, without fresh air to breathe, you won’t enjoy being inside. Replacing air filters regularly only requires a 10-minute trip to the hardware store and a 2-minute installation. Clean air filters greatly enhance air quality in your home. They also help to keep your HVAC system operating efficiently throughout the year.

Enjoying a clean home doesn’t need hours of heavy cleaning. By plotting out daily cleaning routines, you can keep your home looking pristine 24/7 without an unreasonable commitment of time.

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