5 Innovations In Home Security Technology

These days, your smartphone provides all the connectivity necessary to keep track of home security. The following 5 innovations show off some of the best ways you’ll bump up your security and stay ahead of your neighbors in 2017.

Smart Doorbells

A smart doorbell is the ideal way to interface with visitors without worrying about crime. Today’s technologically advanced doorbells make smartphone communication possible. That is, you can easily speak with and view anyone at your door from your phone, and even record live video if necessary. Overall, you’ll have no trouble keeping up with security at home.

Pet Camera

Those of us with furry friends at home know how important it is to keep our pets safe. When heading out for the day, a pet camera helps keep everyone safe. With live video and treat-dispensing capabilities, you’ll easily keep an eye on your pet and know he or she isn’t making a racket and bothering the neighbors. Although it’s no substitute for a pet sitter, a smart pet camera is the best way to keep an eye on your pet’s safety every day.

Motion-Sensing Cameras

5 Innovations In Home Security Technology

Smartphone notifications and instant photo alerts are no longer a daydream with today’s motion-sensing cameras. Home security has clearly advanced into the future with features like WiFI-connection, 1080p quality, months of battery life, and live video.

Smart Locks

It’s easier than ever to keep your home secure with a smart lock that turns your smartphone or watch into a key. With both a traditional key and a digital one, you can have twice the security compared to everyone on the block. Smart locks are perfect for the future of security because you can even allow friends to enter with time-sensitive digital keys.

An Entire Security System

A smartphone-connected burglar alarm is the best way to stay safe every day. Remote control gives you access to vital knowledge about locks, doors and overall temperature so you can rest at ease whether you’re home or not. Unlike security systems of ages past, you have complete control of a smart burglar alarm that’s all your own.

All in all, it’s clear that the future of technology is here. For any home, these devices are sure to bring security to the next level. Whether you live alone or have a family of five, it’s no question that gadgets are an invaluable tool for staying both safe and at-ease.