Time To Refurnish Your Home

There are more than a few reasons to consider refurnishing your home and having a professional help with the furniture choices could make the project all the more satisfying at its end. This is because a single change of your furniture could transform your home into something altogether new and inviting, especially if you currently use the same furniture that you bought years ago when you first moved into the property. Knowing the signs that you are at the end of your current furniture’s lifespan should help you discover when to make the change.


In the 80s and 90s, it was not uncommon for certain styles to be bold and unique and many homeowners scrambled to put this modern furniture into their homes. However, it is now 2017, and furniture that is well over two decades old should not be something found in any home seeking to appear modern. Not only this but older furniture is a magnet for dust mites, allergens, dirt, and much worse and the colours are bound to have faded after all these years.

Time To Refurnish Your Home

If your furniture is beyond saving and quite old, a refurnishing may not only be in order but be something that you should do as a favour to your home. After all, coming into modernity can increase the valuation of your home, improve its appearance dramatically, and give guests an inviting new place to relax and visit with you and other family members. This is your opportunity to create something new and modern with your furniture and you should not pass this chance up.


Even if you work hard to never allow your furniture to receive direct sunlight, it is bound to fade over time due to wear and tear. Sitting, lying, rolling, and all other manner of actions occur on the surface of your furniture multiple times a day and this will eventually cause colours to fade out until they are no longer recognisable as their former brilliant selves. Contacting companies such as Jones the Furnishers can help you replace that fading chair that was once bright red with something altogether more beautiful and bright.


It is time to stop stuffing books under the wobbly leg of your favourite chair and consider that it is time to replace it. Broken tables, chairs, sofas, and any other pieces of furniture can not only be dangerous but you could find yourself with a home that appears as if it is in disrepair. When inviting new guests over, a great new set of dining furniture to replace your broken pieces will allow you to give the right impression from the start.

With furniture that is covered in fabric, it is also possible for that fabric to rip over long periods of time due to thinning of the fabric. Once you notice a rip, there is nothing that you can do but replace the piece of furniture or find a way to cover up the damage. Since rips cannot be sewn back together, it is far more likely that the former option is the best of the two.