The Ultimate Diet Plan To Lose Weight Fast

Shedding off extra pounds can be a real challenge especially for those who are overweight. The essential thing to remember is that it is possible to do so. All you need to do is have the right mindset. In essence, winning the weight loss challenge depends on the approach you adopt. So, welcome to the wild diet.

If you haven’t heard of the wild diet, it is a weight loss strategy that helps you lose extra pounds without having to starve yourself or staying away from foods that you love. Founded by Abel James, this diet was created to help him shed off extra pounds and guess what, it worked beautifully.

The Ultimate Diet Plan To Lose Weight Fast

In this diet plan, he encourages those following the diet plan to mainly focus on eating natural, whole foods and avoid any processed and artificial foods. Since this diet is a low carbohydrate one, it will definitely lead to weight loss in the following ways.

  1. It balances blood sugar as well as insulin levels. This leads to less storage of fat.
  2. Protein and fiber which form the major percentage of this diet are known to be quite filling thus you end up eating a lot less food.
  3. Steering clear of processed foods eliminates the added sugars which are a major source of excess calories.

This diet is based on the following principles:

  • Most fat loss comes from the food we eat not from exercise

Although exercise helps one to shed off those calories for those that are overweight, the wild diet advocates that if you want to lose weight, then your focus should shift from exercise to eating the right foods.

  • Eat fresh, whole foods

The fact is, today we eat more calories than we need and most of these come from processed grains and sugary drinks. So, by eliminating these from your diet, you are well on your way to better health and leaner body. What this diet encourages is for one to eat fresh foods such as meats, fruits, wild game, dairy, vegetables, as well as natural oils like olive oils, coconut, butter and the like.

  • It’s realistic

It is easy for the average man to follow this diet as you don’t need to count any calories. What more, you don’t need to keep on seeing a nutritionist for guidance as its concept is easy to grasp.

  • You don’t have to eliminate all the foods that have been branded “unhealthy”

These include ice cream, eggs, cheesecake, butter, bacon and even steak. With this diet, you can go ahead and enjoy these high fat foods.

  • Fill half of the plate with vegetables at every meal.

The beauty about vegetables is that they are rich in vitamins, and essential minerals and you can eat as much as you want without gaining calories to achieve that dream body.

  • Eat only when hungry

Another principle of the wild diet is to eat when you feel hungry not out of obligation or a set schedule. When you eat mindfully, it helps with weight loss, portion control and helps to rid one of unhealthy cravings.

  • Eliminate processed foods and artificial sugars

Processed foods such as white flour and sugar, corn syrup and refined grains should be eliminated. These foods are said to alter one’s appetite causing one eat more calories than one needs. On the other hand, the wild diet fills one with fiber, fats, proteins and whole carbs that burns slowly.

Consistently feeding the body with poor nutrition causes the body never to feel quite satisfied. On the other hand, the wild diet greatly satisfies.

  • Chocolate is good

In order to beat hunger and cravings, you can enjoy dark chocolate as well as delicious snacks.

  • Eat variety of vegetables and healthy fats

Put a wide variety of colorful vegetables to fill half of the plate. Include a palm sized portion of protein from grass raised cattle or wild fish as well as high fats foods such as avocado, nuts and grass-fed butter. You can include some sweet potatoes or rice especially if you are physically active. Make sure you avoid bread, sugars and gluten grains.

Any changes that you make in your eating habits will go a long way in helping you achieve your ultimate weight loss goals. The most difficult task is starting off, the rest is easy. If you have never tried the wild diet, experience it for yourself: you will love the results!