4 Romantic Films Made In Barcelona

Barcelona is quite a romantic city. While most of the tourists are visiting such common places of interest like Basilica de la Sagrada Familia, the works of Antonio Gaudí, and are walking along the central pedestrian street of La Rambla for shopping, you can use Car rental at Barcelona  and spend the whole evening in one of cozy, quiet cafes with your sweetheart, away from the crowd.

The streets of the city are full of tourists, street performances and bird voices. Here the oldest grocery market, as well as a huge number of different restaurants are located. You could see beautiful and fabulous buildings, muted streetlights, the quay in the purple sunset, and hear the noise of the breaking waves, which are especially beautiful in Barcelona. Not many will resist the temptation to spend an unforgettable evening in the company of a loved person in Barcelona, especially after watching one of the romantic films, shot in Barcelona, which are described below.

Vicky Cristina Barcelona (2008)

4 Romantic Films Made In Barcelona

This film, directed and written by Woody Allen, is a romantic comedy and a drama at the same time.

The plot: two best friends, Vicki and Christina, come to Barcelona for the summer. They are very similar in all matters, except the matter of love. Vicki is soon going to get married, she appreciates calmness, trust and stability in the relations, while Christina is looking for the exciting love adventures. Almost right away after the arrival, the girls get acquainted with the charismatic Spanish artist Juan Antonio, who proposes to spend a weekend together. Christina immediately agrees, and Vicki refuses resolutely, not knowing that this chance encounter will turn her world upside down…

It was the first movie by Woody Allen, filmed in Spain. The film was partially financed by the municipality of Barcelona, ​​which allocated one million euros, and by the regional government of Catalonia, which allocated half a million from its own treasury.

The nature of Barcelona, which is shown in the film, the father’s house- are magnificent. There are many details, and the plot of the film sparkles and shimmers like a mosaic on the façade, made by Gaudi. The film is tragicomic, just like our life. A good film for recreation. A nice addition – beautiful Spanish music and natural shots of Barcelona, which look like the ready-made painting.

Barcelona Summer Night. (2013)

4 Romantic Films Made In Barcelona

Passionate, sensual, fascinating romantic comedy of the beginning Spanish director Dani de la Orden.

The plot: the movie tells us about a summer night in Barcelona, ​​and about six, completely different, love stories, taking place at that time in this beautiful city. In the night of August 18, 2013, the bright comet Rosa, which has flown over the Earth and extinguished forever, lighted the dark sky of Barcelona. This surprising phenomenon was observed by thousands of citizens from different points of the city. This night hardly someone slept, and few even had the good fortune to meet their love. The air was filled with passionate whispers, tenderness, love and hidden tears. The feelings between the young people flared up as sharply, quickly and brightly as a comet’s flight, but they went out just as quickly. If you are looking for an interesting film for a romantic evening with your soul mate, then “Barcelona Summer Night” would be a nice choice. The views over Barcelona are showing its beauty and coziness, making you want to visit this city, especially at night.

Tengo ganas de ti (I want you). (2012)

4 Romantic Films Made In Barcelona

To love, forget, or take revenge -he needs to make a cruel choice, on which everything depends. This is the second part of the most sensual Spanish love story. This dramatic movie, screened by director Fernando Molina, on the eponymous best-seller by Federico Moccia, was nominated in 2012 for the prestigious Goya Prize.

Watching this movie would be incredibly interesting not only for the faithful fans of its first part, but for the rest of the audience as well, as the plot has a completely new narrative.

The plot: The main character, handsome Hache, after a few years in London, returns to Barcelona. He worries that here, in his native city, the painful memories of Babi will not allow him to confidently step into the future, but his troubles were erroneous.

Starting from scratch, making new friends and finding a new job, Hache did not even expect that Barcelona would give him another love, but it happened. She all of a sudden breaks into his world, destroying all his ideas about love. Gin, meeting whom was as unpredictable as the girl herself, entered the life of the main character as a friend, but remained in his heart forever. Hache gains everything that he has been searching for so long. This cheerful, nice and faithful woman became the balm for a sad heart. She helped him to move on. Moreover, probably, heaven promised these two a crazy love story, if only, by chance, at one of the parties, Hache did not meet Babi…

Deep drama, dizzying feelings and, of course, breathtaking panoramas of Barcelona would compel your attention on this extra-popular movie.

With Two Women (2013)

4 Romantic Films Made In Barcelona

It could sound surprising, but this romantic action movie, made in Barcelona, is a classic Indian film by Puri Jagannadh.

The plot: Akansha came to Spain to study psychology, foreseeing the freedom of the new European world. In the rented room, she found a diary of a stranger, which showed her the story of the beautiful and touching love of Komala and Sanju. Akansha empathized with them, turning page after page, like a handwritten novel. Then, unexpectedly, she met face to face with the man from this novel. Something alerted and attracted her in this person. Perhaps, it was the hidden sadness in the heart?

The movie was made not only in Barcelona, but also in Paris, mixing the beauty of these cities and the frankness of the characters’ feeling.