3 Ways You Can Make Pregnancy More Enjoyable

When you’re pregnant, it can be a tough road to travel. Through the pain, discomfort, nausea and emotions, pregnancy can be both the best of times and the worst of times. However, there are some things you can do that will make your pregnancy easier to manage both on a physical and emotional level. To help make the pregnancy you’re experiencing more of a treat and less of a trial, here are three ways you can begin to make pregnancy more enjoyable.

3 Ways You Can Make Pregnancy More Enjoyable

Getting the Rest You Need

Early on in pregnancy, sleep may seem to take over at a moment’s notice. While you could pull all-nighters before you got pregnant, you may not even be able to stay up past 8:00 p.m. now. Then, at a certain point in pregnancy, sleep can be pretty hard to come by. All of these sleeping changes can make from a crabby mama. So to make sleep easier, consider purchasing a pregnancy pillow and a fan to keep yourself cool while getting as comfortable as you can. Pregnancy pillows are specially made to support your belly, your legs and your back while you sleep, making it easier to find a comfortable position and get the rest your body so desperately needs.

3 Ways You Can Make Pregnancy More Enjoyable

Keep Moving While You Can

The first trimester of pregnancy can leave you feeling like all the energy has been drained from your body, and you may feel so big during your third trimester that you can hardly move on your own. However, the Mayo Clinic reports that if you’re able to keep moving during your pregnancy, whether you continue your previous workout regimen or simply take a walk once a day, you have a much better chance at having a healthy and happy pregnancy. This is because staying active while pregnant can help reduce aches and pains, manage your moods, promote better sleep, and keep your weight down. Even a little exercise helps, so keep moving while you can.

Watch What You Eat

While a lot of women view pregnancy as the perfect excuse to eat whatever you want whenever you want, the nutrition you’re giving your body throughout pregnancy can have a big effect on how you feel during your pregnancy. To get the vitamins you need and maintain your energy, Charlotte Hilton Andersen, a contributor to Shape.com, recommends trying to stick to an eating routine like the Mediterranean diet. This type of diet would include eating fish, whole grains, vegetables and other healthy fats that will help your baby develop as well as give your body what it needs to remain healthy during these few hard months.

The best way to get more joy out of pregnancy is to do what you can to stay healthy and treat your body right. Use the tips mentioned above to do just that.