3 Simple, Daily Changes To Unveil A Healthier You

Almost everyone can recognize at least one area of their life where they could make healthier choices. Whether is has to do with relationships, self-talk or managing stress, it’s important to take the time each day to assess areas in which you could improve and become a stronger, healthier person. And for many, this involves making changes to have a healthier body. So to help those who want to make these types of changes, here are three simple, daily things you can begin doing to unveil a healthier you.

3 Simple, Daily Changes To Unveil A Healthier You

Drink More Water

Think about all the liquids you put into your body each day. Do you start your day off with coffee, drink the milk from your cereal at breakfast, have soda with lunch, wine with dinner, and then some tea before you go to bed? If this sounds like you, there’s one drink you’re severely neglecting: water!

Sally Tamarkin, a contributor to Greatist.com, shares that drinking clean water can have almost an innumerable amount of benefits to your body and overall health. Some of these include helping you lose weight, fighting off headaches, improving digestion, boosting your mood and energy levels, and even helping you to think more clearly. By replacing just one or two of your other drinks with water each day, imagine how you could see your body and mind improve over just a short period of time.

Bring On the Fish

Eating more lean proteins is another great way to make your body healthier. And one of the best lean proteins to eat, according to Valerie Frankel, a contributor to Health.com, is fish. From salmon to trout and even sardines, fish are great for your body. The omega-3 fatty acids found in fish are good for your heart and can help sharpen your mind as well. If you can count on one hand the times you’ve eaten fish in the last six months, consider substituting your other meats for fish once or twice a week.

Take Your Time At Meals

One of the biggest reasons people give for living an unhealthy life is lack of time. This shortness of time not only makes it hard to schedule in physical activity, but it can also cause you to rapidly eat your meals. And according to the editors of Prevention.com, eating too quickly is a major reason that many people overeat during meal times. To change this habit, try taking your time savoring each bite of food you take. This will give your brain time to catch up with your stomach and realize you’re full before you’ve eaten too much.

By recognizing where you can make small and simple changes that could benefit your health, you can gradually and meaningfully become a much healthier person.