Fiberon Innovates Composite Decking Materials For Your Favorite Outdoor Areas

There is nothing like relaxing and entertaining on your favorite deck area after a hard week at work. As the seasons change, the decks we plant our feet on help us to escape the rigors of everyday life. No matter what time of year it is, you can always enjoy your favorite outdoor space. It’s hard to believe that decking materials in the past consisted solely of green treated lumber, which required regular maintenance for its longevity. Although this seemed like an easier solution, no matter how much effort went into the maintenance of your wooden deck, there eventually came a time that the wood would have to be repaired and in some cases, replaced. The beauty of Fiberon’s Composite Decking Materials is that today your deck will last long, withstanding everyday wear and tear with little maintenance to keep it looking spectacular from summer to fall. Let’s take a look at a few advantages that make composite decking materials the best possible option for you.

Fiberon Innovates Composite Decking Materials For Your Favorite Outdoor Areas

            1-Long Life

            Composite decking materials are designed to last for a very long time. The latest decking materials are made from vinyl, wood, plastics and other recycled materials. Because it combines materials such as plastic and wood, the decks will last longer when exposed to the harsh weather elements such as sunshine, rain, wind, snow and even ice. These materials will certainly last longer than the traditional treated wooden decks.

            2-Low Maintenance

            Wooden decking needs to be treated with a stain or a preservative to help them to stand up longer against the elements. Wood also develops cracks and splinters from constant drying of the treated lumber. These cracks and splinters could pose a potential hazard to guests, especially with senior citizens and children. What makes composite decking beyond substantial, is that it will not develop these types of cracks. As a result, the composite boards will never have to be treated with a preservative. While it’s normal for composite materials to develop some surface mold over time, the residue can easily be cleaned with a standard water hose, while this type of surface mold will stain traditional treated wood, causing irreversible damage.


            3-Color Retention and Uniformity

The uniform color that radiates from composite decking materials makes outdoor areas look vibrant and inviting to guests. Since the boards are manufactured from a batch of mixed materials, each piece of decking materials will have the same look. Historically speaking, treated wooden materials of the past were known to fade and lighten after exposure to the sun and other natural elements. Today, composite decking is available in several popular color choices and finishes. Fiberon’s latest Horizon Symmetry Collection offers a natural look, feel, and color palette, to fit an array of design choices that can be matched with any home décor to add beauty and appeal to any project.

Fiberon Innovates Composite Decking Materials For Your Favorite Outdoor Areas

            To guarantee your prolonged satisfaction, make sure your first consideration is Fiberon composite decking when embarking on this venture to create a better outdoor living space. Don’t be discouraged that these materials are a little more expensive, as the advantages you will receive over traditional treated wooden materials make it worth the extra money. In doing the research needed for your project be sure to check with a knowledgeable contractor about some of the many Fiberon options. When it comes to quality composite decking materials, they will steer you in the right direction and will answer any questions you may have when choosing any type of composite decking materials. Based on your needs and specifications, they will help you design that special outdoor area fit for you and your lifestyle. Trust us, you will be glad that you chose composite decking for your next project.