15 Different Horse Sports You Must Know

Many people love horse riding for the pleasure and relaxation that it offers to them. However, there are many people out there who enjoy the sport for competitive reasons and challenges it offers. This means that there are so many ways one can get involved with the amazing horses. Here are a few sports happening around that you should know about:

1.     Eventing

Eventing consists of show jumping, cross country over fixed fences, and dressage, and normally happens over three days. The combination of these phases tests the ability of the horse. For instance, showjumping tests the amount of control, accuracy, and athleticism the horse has. The event usually occurs every year from March to October and there is no age restriction to participate.

2.     Driving

Driving consists of a driver sitting in a carriage and controlling the horse as it travels through a designated course. Three phases exist in this sport, i.e. marathon, dressage, and cone driving. The sport is really friendly and includes all sorts of people.

3.     Horseball

This sport consists of players sitting on their horses with the task of passing the ball to their team and scoring through the net. It is much like basketball except the players are on horses.

4.     Mounted Games

This fast paced game involves individuals or teams competing against one another. The rider demonstrates their agility and precision through this sport as well as their handling of the horse. The groups are classified according to ages.

5.     Polocrosse

Polocrosse is lacrosse but on a horse where people of all age groups and abilities can be involved. Rackets are involved and players are tested for their reflexes and how they handle their horse.

6.     Reining

Reining involves guiding one’s horse through patterns of spins, stops, and circles. A horse involved in this sport has the ability to change directly quickly, moving in a fast manner which can be guided willingly on even a loose rein.

7.     Showing

This competition involves showing all of the best bred horses so that they can be judged while competing with each other.

8.     Showjumping

Showjumping is a sport where the horse is made to jump over various fences in a course. These obstacles can be set out in different ways so as to judge the jumping ability of the horse and the handling of the rider.

9.     Vaulting

Vaulting is more like gymnastics being done on a horse, with the horse being controlled by a coach or any other qualified professional.

10.    Dressage

Dressage helps your horse gain better flexibility, be more obedient, and enhance its abilities. With competitive test, your horse will become even more responsive to you.

11.    Endurance

Endurance riding is a sport that consists of worldwide rides in a controlled manner. The two main categories of this sport involve competitive and graded where the former involves having to cross the finish line first and the second one involving time and terrain.

12.    BHS Trec

Trec is a sport that tests the navigational competence, pace, and the ability of the horse to take on various obstacles. There are three phases to this sport, i.e. control of paces, orienteering on horseback, and obstacle course.

13.    Para Dressage

This sport involves people with disabilities with competitive challenges and opportunities, and there are different grades for each type of disability.

14.    Para Showjumping

Showjumping also caters to riders who are disabled. However, now the sport is available for all of the levels.

15.    Disabled Driving

Disabled driving involves drivers sitting in vehicles that are drawn by ponies and horses on a course.

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