Writing A Research Paper On Demographic Dividend

A research paper must always be done by a proper survey. And the gist of it must be clear from the introduction. The introduction must explain everything – what, why, where and when on the topic being discussed. It must be brief but informative. It should not be too less nor too bulky, but must follow a balanced approach. The most important aspect of the introduction is to be catchy and gripping as it is these few lines which either imparts/fails to impart interest to the reader to read further.  Also, interest level must rise as one begins to read the introduction and go further. Introduction in the simple sense is a summary of what is being spoken in the whole paper and therefore must be able to portray what paper talks about – ask essaydragons write me a paper. The same is explained via an example that follows.

Demographic Dividend and How It Is Of Concern in India

Industrialized countries undergo what is termed as “Demographic transition”. This is in simple words transition from rural agrarian economy to urban industrial economy. In this process countries undergo several transformations such as fall in infant mortality rate, maternal mortality rate, and decrease in death rates and so on. Apart from the above factors, the GDP of countries increases exponentially year after year and so many countries as also termed as “Emerging economies”. From above statements one can clearly understand that demographic dividend is something which spans over the huge time frame, which could be several decades.  Every decade could be treated a Dividend and within which progress is observed.  During the first dividend usually the labor force grows exponentially and people consider labor as an asset which means a high birth rate, which in turn leads to increase in investment in economic development leading to exploitation of free resources. Per capita income has risen rapidly and this phase continues till a while, after which curve tends to drop. Next comes the phase where people begin to get wealthy, i.e. they have more of what we term as “ purchasing power” which leads to the development of middle class leading to the development of markets. And once the economy is developed and stable the birth rate drops since people no longer consider labor as an asset.

Writing A Research Paper On Demographic Dividend

What Happens Next?

We enter into a phase wherein fertility rate drops and of course birth rate. Most of working population tends to get older. This is a phase which can change things for a country.  All countries experienced this in positive except for a few sub-Saharan countries. In fact the south East Asian countries developed so rapidly that they are called “Tiger Economies” accounting to their super-fast growth. Once this stage is reached it is to be managed wisely. The productivity here depends on policy decisions, employment practices, and educational decisions and so on. While some countries in South East give more importance to child education some countries like US give more importance to health care of elderly.  So if policy makers don’t focus during this time, it may diminish the asset generation.

How India Has A Role To Play?

Demographic dividend is one which decides whether a country is getting young or aging. As per latest information two of the biggest economies in the world  US and China are aging with average population age of 55-60 (Not exact), whereas that of India is 30 (Not exact)  by 2050. This means India would be a source of manpower to the world and this has to be utilized to the fullest. Though the package looks attractive there are several steps to be followed so that we realize this dream.

India has lots of semi-skilled labor/ footloose labor. Skilling is an important area which India lacks and what the world needs and this gap has to be bridged in order to fulfill the dream and capture it.

Steps Ahead?

India has started the National Skill Development Corporation, which is Public-Private-Partnership based.  It facilitates upgrading of skills and development by training in skilled programs.  Most of efforts are aimed at transforming the skills of the unorganized sector. This scheme has been successful so far and with more and more unskilled getting skilled, it appears that we are just miles away from dream destination.