Work Suspended On World Cup Soccer Stadium Seats After Death

Starting of temporary seating in the stadium that will host the opening match of the soccer’s World cup in Brazil within 10 weeks has been suspended due to death of stadium workers.

This occurred three days ago named Fabio Hamilton DA Cruz, 23 who fell above 8 meters (26 feet) while he was working in the temporary bleachers in the Sao Paulo Corinthians Arena. This happened in the Brazil World Cup preparations. The country is trying to complete the delayed work on the stadium and other infrastructure within the time for the tournament as soon as possible June 12 kickoff, when Brazil meets Croatia.

The state government officials in Sao Paulo Overseeing in world cup preparations. The labour ministry has come to a conclusion to audit of the site to see if it has required safety measures.

Fast Engenharia, the company in charge of the temporary seating, is expected to present a new safety plan on Thursday to show that all the required necessary measures will be implemented. The Work would resume when the plan is approved and put into practice once again.

In e-mail it was said that. “We are monitoring the situation and hope that the doubts and concerns the regional labour office may have are rapidly cleared and concluded so that the environment is safe for the full resumption of work,” Sao Paulo state’s World Cup organizing committee.

 They’re held some new safety steps by the stadium council government. Before the accident FIFA expected to ready the stadium before June. On June 12 the opening matches with Brazil and Croatia. Construction was already behind the schedule at the Itaquerao stadium with the crane collapse. A giant roofed structure fell on a part of stadium facade, significantly pushing back the stadium completion dates.

“Nadia Campeao told Radio Estadao” said this is not that complex situation to stop the work. Even if the work is stopped for a few days, the recommended work should to be done by in time date.

FIFA, soccer governing body and the local World Cup organising committee supported the authorities’ efforts to protect the workers

Crane Collapse

Two deaths occurred a with a crane collapse at the stadium in November that led to delay in handing over the stadium to the world soccer governing body FIFA by Dec.31 deadline. On the new date April 15 was agreed upon. And lots of work remains to be continued at the site. Including the installation of media seating and the completion of corporate boxes and execution of television screen and much more work ahead.

Yesterday that its board would conduct a technical analysis before it announce the effect of the remaining construction schedule said Fast Engenharia. The company said in some other states that today expects authorities to lift the suspension once all the documentation requested is analysed.