Tiger Wood To Miss The Masters Championship

Tiger Woods choose surgery to heal back over a quest for another green jacket, announcing this Tuesday that he will miss the Masters champion for the first time in his whole career.

Tiger woods’ said on his website page that he had his surgery on Monday in Utah for the reason of pinched nerve that it’s been hurting him for several months. Knowing that this surgery may keep him Augusta National next week for the first time since he was a senior from his high school. Woods is the No. 1 player in the world and a four-time Master Champion.

Tiger woods’ after attempting to get ready for the Masters, and then failing to make the necessary progress. He decided in consultation his doctor to have this procedure done, Woods said. “I would like to express my disappointment to the Augusta National membership, staff, volunteers and patrons that I will not be at the Masters.

The master gets the highest television rating of any other Golf tournament and wood commands most of the attention, he last won the green jacket in 2005. He set 20 records and he won his first Master Championship in 1997. Masters Champion from youngest at 21 to his 12-shot margin of victory.

Tiger woods’ is really working hard to get back in from. Woods has much lot of good years ahead for him.

 Jack Nicklaus said “I hate to see him robbed of some of time from injury. But we all know he is doing what is in best interest of his health and future progress. I wish him well for a speedy recovery.”

He should have to wait until the U.S. Open maybe longer to resume his quest to reach Jack Nicklaus’ record 18 professional majors. Woods have won 14th major at U.S in 2008. He has not won another major since then.

This would have been 20 straights of his whole career of wins. Starting from 1995 when he tied the U.S Amateur Champion for 41.

Tiger woods’ had complete four surgeries on his left knee, and now his biggest concern is his back. He suffered his back issues last summer.

Woods has had four surgeries on his left knee, and now his biggest concern is his back. A twinge in the final round of the PGA Championship, spasms in the final round of The Barclays that caused him fall to his knees. And later they alarmed him recently in Florida.

Tiger woods’ has 79 carriers of wins on the PGA, three short records held by Sam Snead.