Winning Your Readers: Best Blogging Practices

I have been on a SEO centered roll as of late because of some inspiring content I have been reading online. Far for me to tell you all of it, because that is simply taking too much of your time unduly. The most striking instance I came across was the profound question about the validity of the content on your website and if you should ever consider a shifting strategy with your content. Before I answer that question in any detail whatsoever let us first look at because aside from usable SEO tools, this is one skill which you can aptly use to boost your marketing.

Winning Your Readers: Best Blogging Practices

Why your Content might need updating?

Surprisingly this should be one of those questions that need no answering right? You’re in a marketing industry which deals with the general populace. Internet surfing populace but general all the same right? And you target perspectives in order to make things seem appealing to them. And the number one rule about perspectives is that they vary. The number two rule is that they vary even within those variations and evolve in certain ways over time. So that’s one possible answer: that your audience’s viewpoints change so technically your content’s focus might change too .The second thing? The industry that you deal with simply might incorporate new data or findings or products so your opinion or content might just be outdated. And if you really think that is a hypothetical scenario then you need to consider just one word: Joomla. I can recall instances when Joomla’s instances and posts were all over the web whereas now WordPress has taken over as “The CMS”. That’s one example and there can be countless others.

Even if that is not the case then an update can mean a lot on a subject if you mean to keep your blog fresh. It does wonders for your post frequency as well in terms of posting strategy and can just improve your credibility in front of your audience.

What is Changing?

This is one question I am looking to get into with a little bit more detail because a lot of folks can understand “changing” in a lot of ways. The technical definition of the term can mean that you are simply editing one form of content into another. A simple transformation this would be, however the added knowledge of blogging and even marketing dictates that you can use the previous content and add on another blog post in your favor. This works pretty simply in fact so let’s take our scenario of Joomla. You had three blog posts on Joomla about its features, compatibility and market value in terms of web development and conversion. WordPress has caught on and you want to write something on WordPress. You’ll be writing for two important reasons: one because you want to come off as being up to date but you also want to show that your business knowledge understands the latest aspects of WordPress as well.

So you go ahead and two or three new posts on WordPress. But you can be especially clever about it. So adding the WordPress posts accomplishes the first purpose. But you want to show coherence between your blog so you tailor your content in a manner that those wordpress articles are not disjoint. An example of that can be a clever heading like “Why WordPress is taking over the market from Joomla”.

The second kind of edition would be of course a direct makeover of the post in question. Now this is a bit more eyebrow raising amongst your peers because it obviously suggest that you had to double back on your own opinion. That really is not the best standard your audience judges you with but in many cases changing the content is a good strategy as well as long as you do it in a manner that you win your audiences. Now winning your audience is one topic on which I can write another long article which I possibly will sometime soon so yes there you have it. I am being strategic about my blog posts.

To sum it all up, in blogging there is no hard and fast rule except one iron clad one. Never be stagnant in your approach. Readers of blogs love to read more from you if they read even one piece that they like so once you do hit the rollercoaster of likes on Facebook, just follow one additional rule: do not stop with posting.