How To Do Smart Edible Landscaping In Our BackYard?

Many homeowners would love to make their backyard more useful with smart edible landscaping project. It is easy to do and can help us to achieve so much. It may be more convenient to go to the nearest supermarket to pick our produces, but there’s an immense joy in harvesting and eating our own crop. People who perform smart edible landscaping project may not do this for specific economical reason, but they simply do it as a diversion of their daily lives. Planting, harvesting, cooking and eating can be an enjoyable recreation at home. We could also choose to do things organically and don’t use any kind of fungicides, pesticides and chemical fertilizer.

Like any good homeowner, we should keep our backyard in its mint and natural condition. We may need to plant the best quality shrubs, trees and ornamental plants; but adding some vegetable and fruit-producing plants can actually make a quality and beautiful landscape. Ornamental plants can be quite expensive to purchase and maintain. On the other hand, most fruit trees, vegetable seeds and berry bushes are affordable. Instead of choosing plants that can be harvested only once, such as carrots and cabbage; we could choose fruit-bearing trees that can produce fruits regularly. We could think of ideal fruits for our backyard, such as fig, persimmon, nectarines, cherry, apricot, peach, plum and apple. The list would be longer if it is possible for us to plant some tropical trees. Other species to consider are grapes, raspberry bushes, elderberry, blackberry, blueberry and others.

We can plant trees along the fence or in a small orchard in the backyard. They can be focal points in our unique landscape. We could plan berry bushes in groups along the fence, walkway or driveway. In general, we could plant them anywhere we please, as long as it is convenient for us and look good. We can plant any variety of grapes on a trellis. However, we should identify nice sunny spots in our yards, if we want to plan vegetables. They should get as much as sunlight, as well as enough water when it isn’t raining.

Before long, we should have a beautiful and nice edible landscape with some careful planning. The whole task shouldn’t be too difficult at all and we should be able to do it. In the spring, our fruit trees would reward us with a marvellous display of fresh new leaves and blooms. In the summer and autumn, we could enjoy the healthiest and freshest fruits packed with vitamins and minerals.

The same technique should also apply with our berry plants. It is still possible to have our preferred ornamental trees and shrubs in the backyard to make things look better. This would make our backyard a little paradise, that’s both beautiful and bountiful. With proper design, our edible landscaping should blend really well with any ornamental element that we have. In fact, edible landscaping could actually improve the value of our property. This will project an image of abundance and buyers will know that we have worked hard to improve the property.