Why Young Singers Should Delay Their Entry to the Mainstream Entertainment Industry?

Many people would argue that the moral fiber of the communities is already in peril. One of the biggest concerns is how we can protect our children. It is our moral obligation to safeguard the vulnerable. There are many entertainment options that children can try and it is possible that we simply catapult them into a strange world. It is possible that children are not mature enough to deal with specific entertainment options and this is something that can destroy their undefined moral standards. Many parents believe that their children should become aspiring stars and they get their children into the show business. As an example, children can be told to sing professionally and this is probably something that they shouldn’t do just yet. Although they love to sing, these children may still need to be educated both intellectually and morally about consequences of the entertainment world.


No matter how skilled or eager our children is, we may need to delay their bid for stardom until they are 18. By this time, they have graduated from high school and can unleash their full capability in the competitive entertainment industry. There should also be enough time for children to improve their skills. They can also boost their confidence and experience by participating in various singing competitions. This would allow them to improve their portfolio without sacrificing their education and childhood. This would allow us to satisfy the dream of our children without making them feel pressured. Even if we delay their entry to their entertainment industry, children could still feel a sense of achievement by participating in various competitions and other singing groups. This is an important thing to do because stardom can be a costly thing for many children.

Children should be instructed on how to healthily focus on and pursue their stardom dreams. They should know that the path towards stardom isn’t always a romantic ride. In this kind of fantasy world, there are glamorous travel, eternal fame, endless wealth and adoring fans. In this situation, illusion may inevitably fade and what’s left are bills, heartache and disappointment. Not all singers manage to gain lasting fame in the industry. Some only become one-hit wonders, while many others don’t get any kind of fame. It is also important to know that some of the adoring fans can be obsessed to our children to the point of endangering them. This is something that we should try to avoid whenever possible. Being beautiful and talented are not enough in the entertainment industry. In fact, younger singers are simply being packaged to attract and entice older men. Parents should consider whether they want their children to dress seductively and this often cheapen the value and image of a singer. Unfortunately, this cycle continues in the entertainment industry.

The problem is getting worse, especially when we see various reality shows that seem to exploit on children. There are various modeling, dancing and singing contests for children who are often still under 12. The winner may receive up to $1 million worth of contracts, but children may experience so much hardship when trying to achieve that.