Why You Should Blog about Your Holiday

Going away on a family camping holiday is one of the most exciting things you can do, and if you are anything like me then you count down the days until you leave in a fluster of nervous anticipation. However, once you get there could doing a bit of blogging help you enjoy the whole experience a little bit more?
Share the Trip
One of the first benefits we need to look at is that of letting other people see what you are getting up to. It can be difficult to explain to family and friends what a trip was once you get home and the magic feeling has faded a little. It is far better to try and get your ideas across while you are sitting in the sun or drinking strange cocktails and struggling to understand a word of the language. This way you will get the little details across far better.

Store Your Memories More Easily
I used to keep a little diary on my holidays but writing in it every night just got a tad too boring in the end and I binned it. Blogging is, for me, a far more interesting and easier approach. I guess this one comes down to personal preference but I would think that a lot of people share my opinion and prefer to type rather than write.
Save on the Phone Calls
Hey, I like a good phone call as much as the next person, but doing it from your holiday can be expensive and time consuming as well. Actually, more than the cost I don’t like the fact that it usually turns into a one way conversation. The person at the other end is at home and usually doesn’t have much to say so they look to me to regale them with amazing tales of beaches, bazaars and all night discos. Writing down my experiences is a far better way for me to get it across just the way it happened.
Broaden Your Mind
They say that travel broadens the mind, but does it really or do you come exactly refreshed but unchanged? I think that any kind of travel can help you grow as a person, but only if you take the time to let it. I am not talking here about sitting down in a darkened room and meditating for a couple of hours. All it needs is for you to go over what has happened during the day and what you have seen. Maybe you have seen a glimpse of a different way of living or something which has made you proud, ashamed or afraid. By reflecting on these issues and putting them into your own words you will make sure that you don’t forget them so quickly.

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