Why We Shouldn’t be Jealous of Celebrities?

We often encounter celebrities in movies, televisions, billboards and magazines. Celebrities like Alicia Keys, Megan Fox and Angelina Jolie are known for their attractive appearance and financial successes. It’s clear that their visual appearance play a huge part in their success. With so many good things that happen to them, it is easy to get jealous of their fortune and fame. Deeper jealousy can turn us from healthy impression for the celebrity into bitterness. The media is often to blame in the situation. Starting from childhood, children are bombarded with messages about how great it is to become princesses, who live in majestic castle with a charming prince. There are no ugly Disney princesses, they are all pretty, proper and prim. As these children get older, they see various TV drama series and romantic movies. It is clear that they need to be the prettiest girl around to catch the attention of courteous, polite and handsome men. The media is instilling this fairy tale into the women’s mind. As a result, many women can’t help to compare themselves with those pretty princesses. Unfortunately, many women can’t lead the life of celebrity princess. As a result, they could become jealous and bitter.


Bitter, jealousy and distress could cause various problems, including anorexia and bulimia. Many people want to be as slim as celebrities, by becoming very thin. People often turn to plastic surgeries to improve “un-endearing” facial features to make them look attractive. Due to media and social perceptions on beauty, many women are desperate to look attractive, especially if they can approach the standard of celebrity. They work really hard to look as attractive as possible. They want to appear like ideal women that they should look like. There’s nothing wrong about beautifying ourselves and make ourselves look more like fairy tale princess. But there are often significant consequences of trying to achieve that, especially if everything is biased to physical appearances. Even animals are choosy and they look partners based on their strength, posture, capabilities and others. In the modern society, image and appearance are often considered as essential. In today’s world, image and appearance are quite important; because positive physical characteristics can be considered as an advantage. Beautiful women are more favored than average-looking women.

These women may have the same credentials, but because they look visually different. This could cause them to be seen differently by people. In order to avoid this, women should understand that celebrities don’t look similar in both real life and official photos or videos. We also shouldn’t forget that these celebrities are helped by many factors, such as editing, lighting and various special effects. This will allow them to have perfect photos and videos. We may even find pictures of celebrities before and after being photoshopped. In their normal lives, celebrities actually look normal and totally average. In fact, some ordinary people could look more attractive than many of these celebrities in real life.