Why Should You Buy Organic Mattresses from Reputed Brands Only?

To lead a healthy lifestyle, it is important for you to choose the right mattress to for bed. It goes a long way in ensuring you sleep well throughout the night so that you can get up fresh and vibrant in the following morning. In the market, you may come across a wide range of synthetic mattresses at various prices. However, manufacturers use a variety of harmful chemical substances when it comes to making such products, which hurt your body and the environment.  This is the reason why people are now opting to buy mattresses made of organic materials for their bed.

You need to realize that like most people you end up spending a third of your time asleep in your bed.    Medical experts say when you choose to sleep on a synthetic mattress; you expose yourself harmful chemicals that can result in serious ailments. These include various kinds of allergies, infertility, asthma, hormone imbalances and even autism. However, you can easily overcome such health problems by opting to use organic mattresses. In addition to this, the other important reasons for buying such products are as follows:

Ideal to rejuvenate your body at night

When you are asleep at night, your body recuperates, repairs and rejuvenates itself from the hard work it does during the day. This enables to feel fresh and lively when you get up the following morning. Sleeping on an organic mattress is comfortable because it quickly molds to the natural contours of your body.


Organic mattresses like Avocado beds are more durable and flexible in comparison to those made of synthetic materials. For instance, mattresses that use natural wool can stretch up to 50% of its natural shape when it is wet and up to 30% in a dry state. This is because of the natural crimp of the molecules of this fabric. Moreover, it is possible for you to bent this fiber more than 20,000 times and still be unable to tear it.

Regulate temperature

The materials that manufacturers use to make organic mattresses have an inherent ability to adjust to your body temperature when you are asleep. Fabrics like wool, cotton and even latex pillow reviews can keep you warm in during the harsh winter season and cool in summers. Such substances can do this by absorbing the moisture that drains from your body. This ensures that your heart beats moderately and your skin’s temperature remains optimal when you sleep at night.


Why Should You Buy Organic Mattresses from Reputed Brands Only?

When you purchase an organic mattress for your bed, you are taking the first step towards saving the ecosystem of this planet. This is because the substances that manufacturers use to make such a product are renewable and do not release toxic chemicals into the atmosphere when they decompose, unlike their synthetic counterparts.

In addition to the above advantages, organic mattresses are very comfortable to lay down on and stylish in comparison to those made of synthetic substances. This is another reason why they are becoming popular among people who want to get a good night’s sleep to feel fresh when they get up the following morning.