Why Roofing Maintenance is Important?

The great importance of roofing surface maintenance cannot be over-estimated. Unfortunately, it is often a procedure that many building owners and associations overlook. In the housing business these days, the highest priority is money and budgets. The building owners and associations are aimed at maintaining the lowest budget possible to maximize profits. Therefore, they hardly ever inspect the state of their roofs. The fact that the roofs are a part of the building that is hardly seen should not discriminate them from regular maintenance as is done for other building items. Negligence of roof maintenance can cause faults that could be costly to repair.


Contrary to popular belief, a roof can leak for as long as months before reaching inside the house. You do not have to see a leak to know that the roof is damaged,” said Yogi Evens, owner and founder of Texas Certified Roofing Company. For this reason, it is necessary to perform a regular check on the roofs of the building. The buildings may be could be damaged by various issues. The issues could be gutters, cracks, downspouts, skylights, vents, t-tops and sealing around HVAC. It is recommended that the building`s roofs should be inspected twice to ensure faults are discovered and corrected in time. This will help save money in the long run since it will not require any drastic and expensive repairs due to reduced damages. For instance, if the maintenance is not done, the roofs may cause a leak that reaches inside the building and consequently, building owners would incur high repair costs for the roofs, ceilings, walls, cabinets and at times even the wall. Painting afresh is also another expense incurred on the owner. Moreover, proactive roof repairs and maintenance will help avoid conflict with the tenants whenever there is a major damage to the roof and inconvenience them. The building maintains tenants in harmony and longer.

Just as the rest of the building is planned for, it is important to have long term and short term objectives for a long-lasting roof. When visual inspection is done, ensure that the contractor performing the inspection takes pictures of the any faults they see. Once they perform the repair, request for a photo showing the roof after. Ensure that you can see the difference between the before and after and that it is as was expected to be. Additionally, obtain a manufacturer`s warranty and the contractor`s warranty to be sure that you get your money`s worth. The manufacturer`s warranty covers the materials so that the building owner is covered in case the materials are faulty and the contractor`s warranty covers the workmanship so that you are covered in case materials are installed improperly. Carefully peruse all warranties before signing to ensure that there are no omissions or cause of conflict.

Besides the regular checks, the roofs should be cleaned regularly to rid it of materials such as branches and leaves which hasten the rate deterioration rate. In severe cases the debris may be too heavy on a highly deteriorated roof and cause it to collapse. The debris may block water flow and may cause severe damages. For instance the water may overflow into a vent on the roof and flow into the interior of the building causing huge losses.

When looking for recommendations on roof maintenance, it is advisable to seek the counsel of a professional. They are at a better position to help you plan both for short term and long term as discussed earlier. After finding a reliable, commendable contractor, the owner should trust their judgment in maintain the roof. Their recommendations are aimed at improving the life of the roof. Moreover, they will also advise you in advance on when the roofs are about to wear out and, therefore, allow you more time to plan and save for a replacement in the future. For an efficient partnership, a good relationship is necessary between the building`s manager, owner and contractor.

How often do you think about maintaining your roof?

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