Why Marble Worktops Are Trending For Kitchen Remodels

Marble is back big time! After losing out for a time to cheaper laminate alternatives for kitchen worktops and similar applications, it’s now enjoying a resurgence in popularity. Here are 4 reasons why marble is once again king of the kitchen (and bathroom).

Elegant Luxury

Marble offers a touch of luxury wherever it’s used, whether that’s as worktops in the kitchen or vanity counter tops in the bathroom, or of course for flooring applications. No other material says luxury like marble does. And homeowners value this quality of marble because it adds value to their homes, in a unique way.

Extensive Colour Range

Marble worktops in London are available in more shades and hues than you might initially think. While primarily white marble worktops might not show much colour, they still exhibit the characteristic veining or swirls throughout the entire surface, which are normally slightly off-white and may even include grey and red tones within them, making for a unique effect as every piece of marble is different from any other. This uniqueness is another appealing feature of marble. Darker shades of marble are also available if white is not your thing. Shopping for marble worktops will give you plenty of choice, so you can match them with either existing kitchen cabinetry or new custom coloured kitchen installations.

An Array of Applications

Even if your remodel budget doesn’t stretch to marble worktops and splashbacks throughout the room being remodeled – you can still consider marble for ‘accenting’. The use of marble to top a kitchen island can provide a dramatic effect or using it as a sink surrounding can be enough to add a touch of glamour to any kitchen without breaking the bank.

Minimal Maintenance

Once marble has been properly sealed, daily cleaning is simply a case of wiping down the surface with a damp cloth or possibly using a mild detergent to ensure it’s thoroughly clean and maintains its lustrous sheen. Regular sealing of marble is recommended; usually once a year is sufficient but more frequently if the marble surface in question receives heavy use. Proper sealing helps retain the impermeable barrier which fully protects the marble from staining and the ingress of moisture and liquids. When cared for correctly, marble worktops can last for decades without losing any of their luxury appeal.

There’s a greater selection of marble worktops now than ever before, thanks to marble being sourced from a variety of new locations, meaning that ever-increasing varieties and colours are becoming available for installation in homes. No other worktop material adds the elegant appearance and functionality of marble – hence it’s resurgence as king of the kitchen worktop materials. Quality never goes out of style and marble offers plenty of value for money, too.