Why Have A Flat Roof

Is your house having a makeover? Are you and your family undecided on which type of roof is the better option for your house? If so, then you should first consider your roofing needs. If space is a top priority for your new look, a flat roof would be the perfect choice for you. Having a flat roof will not only be an effective solution for your house, they are easy to maintain and come at an affordable cost to your family.


If you have recently had an extension on your house, or you are redesigning or building a garage, a flat roof will finish the project off nicely. A flat roof generally consists of a horizontal base which would be fixed to the ceiling joists underneath, being finished off with a waterproof membrane on top. Having a flat roof is especially great for when it rains as they are designed to hold standing water to some extent, although, you may want a slight pitch built just so it enables the rainwater to drain away, especially if you have a skylight or roof lantern in place.


A flat roof doesn’t require shingles or any other decorative materials, so having a flat roof is usually considered the more affordable option, another great reason for you and your family to choose this style. Because of the simple design of a flat roof, there would be less chance of complications or repairs needed, saving you money in the long run. The construction of the roof itself is less costly, and fewer materials will be needed than if you had chosen a full pitched roof. Your new roof can normally be fitted within a day so won’t cause much disruption to you and your family.

Easy access

With having chosen a flat roof, there will be minimal slope, this will mean it will be easier to access. Should you need to get to the gutter or sidings. of minimal slope and flat surface, it is simpler to access things like rain gutters, sidings etc. Maintenance is also easy on a flat surface and you can personally go up there to see what is wrong with your house roof.

Life span

The formation of having a flat roof will be easy to maintain. Where the roof is structured with gravel and tar, the roof is likely to be long lasting. Most flat roofs can resist any damages and can last for  thirty years, some even longer.

Wind resistance

Your house/extension having a flat roof will benefit you hugely in the events of high winds or in the case of a storm. A flat roof will offer less resistance to the wind than if you had chosen an angled roof. If you had an angled roof, you would possibly be having to spend a fortune on replacing lost and damaged shingles and tiles.

Other than offering your family an affordable roof, it is ideal for placing solar panels for energy conservation should you wish to invest in these as a later date.

Briany Smith