Why and How Breast Lifting Is Done

MASTOPAXY is an advanced age medical procedure performed by highly efficient cosmetic surgeon dermatologists for breast lifting. The idea is to bring change in your sagging breasts or downward nipples by removal of the excess skin and reshaping breast tissues that help restore the required firmness and youthfulness of your feminine symbols. As you become older, the female breasts lose their normal firmness and elasticity. Some of the main causes that lead to breast sagging are:

Why and How Breast Lifting Is Done


The ligaments or muscles that support breasts typically get stretched in course of pregnancy and post pregnancy, which is why; they look heavier and fuller. Eventually, this stretching ends with sagging downward breasts following pregnancy, no matter, whether you opt for breast feeding your baby or not.

Weight Changes 

Changes in body weight also cause breast skin to lose its firmness and electricity


Sooner or later, gravity is a major cause that makes the ligaments sloth, stretching the breast tissues and sagging it.

A breast lift or MASTOPAXY is a unique procedure that helps overcome all these changes without implants letting you get back an aesthetically gratifying physical appearance. The best way to determine if you need a breast lift is to put a pencil parallel under the breasts; and if it stays in the place, then deciding for a breast lifting is a right choice for you.  Thus, by elimination of stretched, excess skin that sag your breasts, the top efficient dermatology surgeons at DermASAP , Massachusetts strengthen your breast muscles and help by raising the downward nipples as well as areola bringing them in frontal position.

Importantly, breast lifting procedure cannot help you by changing the volume of your breasts; it is only intended for shaping purpose. If you need breast augmentation, that can be performed in combination, by the docs of this globally renowned dermatology clinic. Equipped with highly expert cosmetic surgeons proficient in dermatological solutions, great physicians and medical team DermASAP provides the finest solutions to people look for assistance concerning skin conditions, cosmetic surgeries and skin cancer.

Dr. Kenneth Reed the founder and lead of the group states that his cosmetic surgery team has world class expertise, knowhow and are equipped with all kinds of advanced mechanisms. For women looking for more young-looking breast curves, DermASAP is a matchless solution for them.

As per option of this esteemed dermatologist fame of American that one can think of a breast lift procedure under the following circumstances:

  • Your breasts lose their shape, volume and look flatter, sagging or stretchy.
  • When breasts are not supported i.e. in normal stage, the nipples go downward or fall under the breast folds.
  • Similar to nipples the areola points are also downward
  • Areolas are stretched out and lost its proportion with the breasts
  • One breast sags lower opposed to the other

By taking an appointment, you can meet the experts of the clinic and talk to them about your intention of breast list. They will review your medical background to ensure your fitness. Answer all their questions correctly with all your present and earlier medical conditions. Never forget to tell the physician if there is any incidence of breast cancer in your family.