5 Key Factors For Choosing The Right Water Heating System

Choosing the right water heating system for the home is incredibly important. People use hundreds of litres of water a day for vital tasks such as showering and washing the dishes. Boilers may start to show signs of rust or sediment build up after twenty years or so, which means that they will need to be replaced with a new model. This means that several key factors need to be taken into account.

Read this helpful guide on choosing the correct boiler for the home.

Cost Of Installation

The cost of installation should be the first thing to consider. Standard boilers and hybrid water heaters will cost less to install than solar. This is because panels need to be fastened securely to the roof in order for the solar heating system to work effectively. However, there are dozens of companies who will be able to install the solar heating system for an extremely cost-effective price.


The likelihood of solar system repairs needs to be balanced with the likelihood of gas and electric heaters malfunctioning. Electric water heaters are seen as easier to maintain than gas boilers. A problem with the gas supply in the house could mean that the boiler fails to work properly. If this happens, the house could be left without hot waters for hours or even days until the problem is successfully fixed. Solar panels are extremely durable, so they should last for years without having to be repaired.

The panels should be regularly checked in order to detect if there is any damage. The most reliable solar repairs in Perth will ensure that any problems are completely fixed in the shortest time possible.


Gas boilers tend to last longer than their electric counterparts. The lifespan depends on the make of the water heater, but usually, gas heaters will be in use for around 20 years until they need to be serviced or replaced. Most solar panels are under warranty for 25 years, and they should be operating at no less than 80% of their full capacity after that time. Regular check-ups should be carried out on all boilers in order to estimate how long their lifespan will actually be.


People are becoming increasingly aware that solar panels present a more efficient model than electric or gas water heaters. This is because solar power does not waste electricity or gas in order to create heat. The high amount of sunlight in Australia means that there will be very few days when the heater will not work at maximum capacity. In contrast, electrical and gas heaters are prone to problems such as power cuts and gas leaks.


Modern boilers are tested to rigorous safety standards to ensure that they will not pose a risk to homeowners. Electrical heaters are seen as safer than gas boilers (which in a minority of cases can be susceptible to a leak). Solar panels are tested to make sure that will not catch fire.

Use this guide to decide which type of boiler to install.